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FOURTEENTH CONGRESS. S1a:ss.1.Ch. 108, 109, 111,113. 1816. 169 Crrar. CVIII.—An Act for the ,reliq` of certain owners of goods, entered at sT:T;,u;8§j; Hampden, in the district of Maine. Be it enacted, <§·c., That on the trial of any information, libel, or Claims of U. S. other suit for the forfeiture or condemnation of goods and merchandize, *° *`°!’f°l°“'° °*` which between the twenty-lifth day-of October, and the thirty-first day 3Q2m;,;;;;??` of December, in the year one thousand eight hundred and fourteen, l were entered at Hampden, in the district of Maine, and have been since seized as imported or entered contrary to law, all claims to forfeiture and condemnation bc, and hereby are released, arising from want of lawful authority to enter and deliver said goods at Hampden, or from the illegality of importing the said goods into Orrington, or depositing them there, or from the illegality of trading between Orrington and Hampden, in a neutral vessel not licensed for the coasting trade: Provided, That the claimants of the goods and merchandize so entered as aforesaid, shall pay and satisfy all the reasonable expenses and charges attending the seizure and keeping thereof, and all the expenses, costs, and charges of prosecuting the informations, libels, and suits instituted against the same, to be taxed by the court in which final judgments shall be rendered against the respective claimants, whether the final judgments shall be in favor of the claimants respectively or against them. Approved, April 27, 1816. __; Srarurm I. ‘ 0 Cr-rar. CIX.-·—An Act concerning Pharaoh Farrow and others. Be it enacted, <$·c., 'I`hat the judge of the Albemarle district court in the p,,,c,,edS of state of North Carolina be, and he is hereby, authorized and required sale of boat?, to distribute to Pharaoh Farrow, and his associates, the proceeds arising fgghjgdbsrggzg from the sale of two armed boats belonging to the British privateer them. Mars; which boats, with their tackle and apparel, were captured by the said Pharaoh Farrow, and his associates, on the nineteenth day of October, in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirteen, in New- Inlet, in the said state; and which, with their tackle and apparel, have been condemned and sold by a decree of the court, the proceeds of which sale are held to the benefit of the United States; and that the said distribution be made agreeably to the laws of the United States, relating to captures made by private armed ships. Avrrtovnn, April 27, 1816. Sruurs I. ‘ 6 Or-ur. CXl.—An Act for the relief of Thomas H. Boyle. Be it enacted, ¢§~c., That Thomas H. Boyle, or his legal representa- Allowed to tives, be authorized to enter with the register of the land office, without ;*;j§’w‘jt,:;‘$* °f payment, twelve hundred and eighty acres ofland, including his settle- paymcm ment in the Mississippi territory, and on return being made to the commission [er] of the general land office, a patent shall issue as in other cases. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That there be allowed to the said To receivg , Thomas H. Boyle, three rnonths’ pay, as a captain in the army of the g;?‘;SmC%r;,,?n_ United States, to be paid out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated. Ar-raovnn, April 27, 1816. Srxrurn I. CHAP. CXIII.—An Act for the relief of Samuel Dick, William Bruce and Asa Kitchel. Be it enacted, nyc., That the Hnal certificate of Samuel Dick, issued 1;-,,,,1 c,,,,,H_ on the thirteenth day of June, eighteen hundred and one, by the register cares to be reof the land office in the Cincinnati district, for six hundred and forty g;:';? sx: acres of land; also the final certificate granted to AsaPKitchel, dated mem rm- {ami, 22