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TWENTY—TIIIRD CONGRESS. SEss.II. Ch.82, 83, 84,85, 86. 1835. 613 CHM-, LXXXI1.—-An Act for the rcliqf of Lemuel Tanner, assignee of Pierre STATUTE U` Duf,.e,,,,e_ March 3, 1885. Be it enacted, @*0. That Lemuel Tanner, assignee of Pierre Du- Autherizgd to fresne, be, and he is hereby, authorized to locate, within twelve months locate a tract <>f after the passage of this act, under the direction of the Surveyor-Gem 1‘*"d‘ eral of Louisiana, on any unlocated lands in said state, a tract not exceeding six hundred and forty acres of land ; which said tract shall be granted to the said Lemuel Tanner, in lieu of an equal quantity confirmed to him by the Register and Receiver, under a certificate number five hundred and eighty-eight; and that the proper officers of the Government be authorized and directed to issue a patent accordingly. Ari-novnn, March 3, 1835. _______ STATUTE II. (Juni-. LXXXIII.—An Act for the relief of·Jvlm Dougherty, an Indian agent. March 3, 1835. Be it enacted, <§·e., That the proper accounting officers be, and they Account as yn_ hereby are, directed to adjust and settle the accounts of John Dough- dian agent to be erty, as Indian agent, and to give him credit in such settlement for ‘*d—l“"°dl'&°‘ annuities paid by him to the chiefs and head men of the Indians, when he had been instructed to make the payments to the heads of families, and to the Indians individually. Approved, March 3, 1835. S*r.u·u·ns II. CHAP. LXXXIV-—An Act for the relief of James Young. March 3* 1835 Be it enacted, <§·c., That the Commissioner of Public Buildings be, L,,,,,, Washing, and he is hereby, required to convey, in fee simple, to James Young, or wu city tv b<= his assigns, lot number sixteen, square six hundred and eighty-six, in °°"v°y9dt°h'm` the city of Washingtori, upon the payment by said Young, or his assigns, for said lot, at the rate of one cent per square foot; Provided, however, Proviso. That said Young, or his assigns, shall pay for said lot, at the rate afore— said, within six months after the passage of this act. Approved, March 3, 1835. rnrn II. Cntr. LXXXV.—An Act for gzereliqf of the heirs and legal representatives of Niro;; ,835. alley E. Clarke. ’ Be it enacted, <§·c., That the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he Consideration is hereby, authorized and required to pay to the heirs and legal repre- ;¤P¤¢K,,;`°:0°g;· sentatives of Bailey E. Clarke, out of any money in the treasury not ,;}{;,,ded_ otherwise appropriated, two hundred dollars, which was paid into the treasury by William Bailey as the consideration money of lots numbers twenty and twenty-two, in square number five hundred and fourteen, sold to him by the commissioners of the city of Washiiigton, the whole of which square had been previously sold and conveyed by the said commissioners to James Greenleaf; and which said lots were sold by the said Bailey to Joseph Combs, and by him to the said Bailey E. Clarke. Approved, March 3, 1835. _________ ‘ Su uu: Il. Crisp. LXXXVI.—An Act ta extend the patent of Robert Eastman for a further Marc; 3 1835. period of seven years. _______Q_____ Be it enacted, eye., That there be, and hereby is, granted unto Robert Patent for a Eastman, a citizen of the United States, his heirs, administrators, and 3;°Y;a’ F,"' _ p O3? H13. assigns, for the term of seven years from the fifteenth day of March, one ching, extended thousand eight hundred and thirty-four, the full and exclusive right and for seven years liberty of making, constructing, using, and vending to others to be used, an invention called a “Circular Saw Clap-board Machine," a description of which is given in a schedule anngxqgl to letters patent