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Communications Commission, Federal: Page Appropriation for ------- _-------- 253, 637 Compensation of members, increase - - 880 Communism, Publications on, printing of additional copies --------------- __ 1239 Communism, World, Strategy and Tactics of, printing of additional copies of report -----------------. 1216 Community Development and Redevelop- ment. See Slum clearance and com- munity development and redevelop- ment under Housing. Community Facilities, Bureau of. See Federal Works Agency under General Services Administration. Compacts, Interstate. See Interstate Compacts. Compensation Act Amendments of 1949, Federal Employees'. See Federal Employees' Compensation Act Amendments of 1949. Comptroller General. See General Ac- counting Office. Compulsory Testimony Act of Feb. 11, 1893: Immunity provisions, applicability under- Export Control Act of 1949 -------- 8 Housing and Rent Act of 1947------ 28 Conciliation Commissioners, U. S . Courts, appropriation for fees-------------- 471 Conciliation Service, Federal. See Fed- eral Mediation and Conciliation Serv- ice. Concurrent Resolutions: "A Decade of American Foreign Policy: Basic Documents, 1941-1949", printing as Senate document ----- 1252 Alaska, District Court for; change in enrollment of bill-- ------------- 1239 Bretton Woods Agreements Act and National Bank Act, change in en- rollment of bill------------------ 1219 Budget, legislative, date of reporting__ 1215 Communism, publications on, printing of additional copies-------------- 1239 Congress- Adjournment--------------------- 1216 Adjournment sine die-------------- 1253 Electoral votes, proceedings for count- Concurrent Resolutions-Continued Page Economic Report, Joint Committee on, study and investigation of prob- lems of the economy, authority... - 1217 Election of President and Vice Presi- dent, proposed amendment to the Constitution; printing of addi- tional copies of hearings-- _- - 1218, 1252 "Fascism in Action", printing of addi- tional copies of House document-_ 1216 Federal building projects, etc., correc- tion in enrollment of bill------ __ - 1217 "General Farm Program", "Rural Tele- phones", "Forestry", and "1949 Fertilizer Supplies", printing of additional copies of House com- mittee hearings----------------- 1252 Grand Army of the Republic, joint com- mittee to represent Congress at Eighty-third and Final National Encampment of ----------------- 1251 Payment of expenses ----- ..- -- -- - _ 1251 Hoover, Herbert (Hon.), birthday greet- ings from Congress ---------. -- _ 1246 Indian lands, certain, held in trust by the United States; change in en- rollment of bill -_-------- -_---- _ 1246 Labor-Management Relations, Joint Committee on, authorization to ing-------------------------- Enrolled bills, etc., signing of, after adjournment ----------------- Joint meeting of two Houses---- 1215, Deportation suspensions __- --__- --- - 1221, 1223, 1226, 1230, 1232, 1234, 1242, 1244, 1247. Economic Cooperation Act of 1948, printing of additional copies of hearings------------------------ 1215 1253 1216 1219, 1240, 1218 incur expenses ----------------- Marshall, Peter (Rev.), printing of prayers, etc., as Senate document- _ National Bank Act and Bretton Woods Agreements Act, change in enroll- ment of bill ---------- Social Security, report on; printing of additional copies of House report__ Social Security Act Amendments of 1949, printing of additional copies of House committee hearings---- "Strategy and Tactics of World Com- munism", printing of additional copies of report ---------- . .. - Cone, James I. (Commander), acceptance of gift from foreign government, authorized --------------- __._ --- Confederate Veterans, attendance of Marine Band at fifty-ninth annual reunion, Little Rock, Ark., author- ized ----------------------- .- -- - Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, Flathead Reservation, Mont., appro- priation for payment to.. - - -- - -- - Congress. See also House of Represent- atives; Legislative Branch of the Government; Senate. Adjournment ----------------------- Adjournment sine die----------- Budget, legislative, date of reporting -- 1216 1218 1219 1252 1251 1216 1076 158 241 1216 1253 1215 INDEX XLIII