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550 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 393-AUG. 4, 1949 [63 STAT. in accordance with the accounting regulations prescribed by the Secretary. § 649. Supplies and equipment from stock Supplies and equipment for special work of the Coast Guard may be furnished from general stock and the applicable appropriation reim- bursed therefor from the respective appropriations for such special work. § 650. Coast Guard supply fund and supply account A Coast Guard supply fund is authorized. The capital of the Coast Guard Supply Fund shall be increased by the value of commissary provisions and uniform clothing on hand on July 1, 1949, and there- after, under regulations prescribed by the Secretary, the Coast Guard Supply Fund shall be charged with the cost of procurement and credited with the value of provisions consumed or sold, and the value of issues and sales of clothing, such values to be determined on a basis which will not increase the capital of the fund. § 651. Annual report Report to Congress. In January of each year, the Commandant, through the Secretary, shall report to Congress the operations and expenditures of the Coast Guard during the preceding fiscal year. § 652. Removing restrictions Any law removing for the duration of a war or national emergency proclaimed by the President any restriction contained in any then- existing law as applied to the Navy, including, but not limited to, restrictions relating to the manner in which purchases may be made and contracts awarded, fiscal operations, and personnel, shall, in the same manner and to the same extent, remove such restrictions as applied to the Coast Guard. § 653. Employment of draftsmen and engineers The Coast Guard may employ temporarily, at the seat of govern- ment, draftsmen and engineers for the preparation of plans and speci- fications for vessels, lighthouses, aids to navigation, and other projects for the Coast Guard that may be authorized or appropriated for by Congress, to be paid from the appropriations applicable to such projects. PART II-COAST GUARD RESERVE AND AUXILIARY CHAPTER Page Inf ra . 21. COAST GUARD RESERVE--- ----- ---- ----- ----- ----- ---- ----- ----- ---_ 751 Poat, p. 554. 23. COAST GUARD A IxnLABTY------------------------------------------_ 821 Post, p. 557. 25. GENERAL PROVISIONS FOR COAST GUABD RESEBVr AND AUXILIARY----- 891 CHAPTER 21-COAST GUARD RESERVE Sec. 751. Purpose and administration of Reserve. 752 Eligibility. 753. Term; duty; training. 754. Grades and ratings; military authority. 755. Pay, allowances, and other benefits. 756. Temporary membership; eligibility; compensation. 757. Exemption from military training and draft. 758. Discipline. 759. Uniform allowance.