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63 STAT.] 81ST CONG. , 'lsT SESS.-CH. 518-AUG. 29, 1949 annum from the date the penalty becomes due until the date of payment of such penalty. "(d) Until the penalty on the farm marketing excess is paid, all cotton produced on the farm and marketed by the producer shall be subject to the penalty provided by this section and a lien on the entire crop of cotton produced on the farm shall be in effect in favor of the United States. "LONG-STAPLE COTTON "SEC. 347. (a) Except as otherwise provided by this section, the provisions of this Part shall not apply (1) to cotton the staple of which is one and one-half inches or more in length or (2) to extra long staple cotton designated by the Secretary which is produced from pure strain varieties of American Egyptian, Sea Island or other sim- ilar types of extra long staple cotton having characteristics needed for various end uses for which American upland cotton is not suitable and when such varieties are produced in designated irrigated cotton-grow- ing regions of the United States or other areas designated by the Sec- retary as suitable for the production of such varieties. The exemp- tions authorized by this subsection shall not apply to any such cotton unless ginned on a roller-type gin. "(b) Whenever during any calendar year not later than October 15, the Secretary determines that the total supply of cotton of any one or more of the varieties covered by this section for the marketing year beginning in such calendar year will exceed the normal supply for such marketing year by more than 8 per centum, the Secretary shall proclaim such fact and a national marketing quota shall be in effect with respect to such variety or varieties of cotton during the marketing year beginning in the next calendar year. "The Secretary shall also determine and specify in such marketing quota proclamation the amount of the national marketing quota in terms of the quantity of such extra long staple cotton adequate, together with (1) the estimated carryover at the beginning of the marketing year which begins in the next calendar year and (2) the estimated imports during such marketing year, to make available a normal supply of such cotton. All provisions of this Act relating to marketing quotas and acreage allotments for cotton shall, insofar as applicable, apply to marketing quotas and acreage allotments for such extra long staple cotton. " INELIOIBILITY FOIl PAYMENTS "SEC. 348 (a). Any person who knowingly plants cotton on his farm in any year in excess of the farm acreage allotment for cotton for the farm for such year under section 344 shall not be elirible for any pay- ment for such year under the Soil Conservation and Domestic Allot- ment Act, as amended. "(b) All persons applying for any payment of money under the Soil Conservation and Domestic Allotment Act, as amended, with respect to any farm located in a county in which cotton has been planted during the year for which such payment is offered, shall file with the application a statement that the applicant has not knowingly planted, during the current year, cotton on land on his farm in excess of the acreage allotted to the farm under section 344 for such year." SEC. 2 . (a) Section 301 of the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938, as amended, is amended as follows: (1) Subsection (b) (3) (B) is amended to read: "'Carry-over' of cotton for any marketing year shall be the quantity of cotton on hand in the United States at the beginning of such marketing year, not including any part of the crop which was produced in the United States during the calendar year then current." 675 Lien by U. S. Exemptions. Marketing quota proclamation. Ant, p. 670. 49 Stat. 163. 16U. .C.i 590a- 590q; Supp. 1, 1590e-l eiseq. Ante, p. 670 . 52 Stat. 38. 7U.S.C.§1301; Supp. I, §1301. Pos, pp. 1056 , 1057, 1058,1062 . 52 Stat. 39 . 7U.S. C., Supp. II, 11301(b) (3) (B). "Carry-over."