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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 518 -AUG. 29, 1949 . 52tas. C1. (2) Subsection (b) (10) is amended (i) by deleting from subpara- § 301 (b) (10). graph (A) the word "cotton" where it first appears and the language Postp. 1057. "40 per centum in the case of cotton" and (ii) by adding a new subparagraph (C) as follows: "Normalsupply. " 4(C) The 'normal supply' of cotton for any marketing year shall be the estimated domestic consumption of cotton for the marketing year for which such normal supply is being determined, plus the esti- mated exports of cotton for such marketing year, plus 30 per centum of the sum of such consumption and exports as an allowance for carry-over." 7 U.St. C, pp. I (3) Subsection (b) (16) is amended by (i) striking from subpara- §1(b)(1a6). graph (A) the word "cotton" and (ii) by adding a new subparagraph (C) as follows: "Totalsupply." "(C) 'Total supply' of cotton for any marketing year shall be the carry-over at the beginning of such marketing year, plus the estimated production of cotton in the United States during the calendar year in which such marketing year begins and the estimated imports of cotton into the United States during such marketing year." 52tat.1to 5 (b) Section 374 of the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938, as .S.. 1374. amended, is amended by inserting "(a)" before the first paragraph and by adding the following new paragraph: toMhenemnt prior "(b) With respect to cotton, the Secretary, upon such terms and conditions as he may by regulation prescribe, shall provide, through the county and local committees for the measurement prior to planting of an acreage on the farm equal to the farm acreage allotment if so requested by the farm operator, and any farm on which the acreage planted to cotton does not exceed such measured acreage shall be Remeasurement. deemed to be in compliance with the farm acreage allotment. The Secretary shall similarly provide for the remeasurement upon request by the farm operator of the acreage planted to cotton on the farm, but the operator shall be required to reimburse the local committee for the expense of such remeasurement if the planted acreage is found to be in excess of the allotted acreage. If the acreage determined to be planted to cotton on the farm is in excess of the farm acreage allot- ment, the Secretary shall by appropriate regulation provide for a reasonable time within which such planted acreage may be adjusted to the farm acreage allotment." 5 f.t. 1362 . (c) Section 362 of the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938, as anmended, is amended by adding at the end thereof the following: Notitotallotnwlt "Notice of the farm acreage allotment established for each farm shown by the records of the county committee to be entitled to such allotment shall insofar as practicable be mailed to the farm operator in sufficient time to be received prior to the date of the referendum." standadgrasde. SEC. 3. (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, Middling seven-eighths inch cotton shall be the standard grade for purposes of parity and price support. 7U.t8. . 1330(9), (b) Paragraph (9) of Public Law 74, Seventy-seventh Congress, is 1340(9). amended by striking out "cotton and". SEC. 4. Subsection (c) of section 358 of the Agricultural Adjust- 7u.s ..s a8358(c). ment Act of 1938, as amended, is amended to read as follows: tatreage allot- (c) The national acreage allotment shall be apportioned among ments. the States on the basis of the average acreage of peanuts harvested for nuts in the State in the five years preceding the year in which the national allotment is determined, with adjustments for trends, abnormal conditions of production, and the State peanut acreage allot- ment for the crop immediately preceding the crop for which the allot- mont. ment hereunder is established: Provided, That the allotment estab- lished for any State shall be not less than (1) the allotment estab- lished for such State for the crop produced in the calendar year 1941, 676 [63 STAT.