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SUBJECT Crimes and Criminal Procedure, Title 18, ^»s« United States Code—Continued. Principals 717 Prison-made products, purchase 723 Property mortgaged or pledged to farm credit agencies, penalty for offenses relating to 718 Protection of certain officers and employees of United States 721 Public Housing Administration transactions, offenses relating to, penalty 720 Secret Service powers 122 Technical amendments 721, 723 W a r contractors, mutilation, destruction, etc., of records, p e n a l t y; authority of General Services Administrator 717 Crimes and Misdemeanors. See also Crimes and Criminal Procedure, Title 18, United States Code. Citizenship requirements, U. S. employees, false affidavit 755 Credit controls under Defense Production Act, penalty for violation 138 Defense Housing and Community Facilities Act of 1951, certification requirement for mortgage insurance under, penalty for violation 296 District of Columbia— Barbers, penalties for violations of provisions relating to 128, 129 Cancer and other malignant diseases, report to Director of Public Health, requirement, penalty for violation 124 District of Columbia Emergency R e n t Act of 1951, violations 105 Electromagnetic radiation, closing of stations emitting, penalty for violation 611 Fellowships conferred by Atomic Energy Commission, acceptance by certain persons 283 F u r Products Labeling Act, violations, penalty 181 Gold star lapel b u t to n s, illegal sale, making, or use of, penalty 196 Liquors, intoxicating, regulation of sale, etc., near military camps or posts, penalty for violations 88 MoUusks, violation of import regulations, penalty 335 Narcotic Drugs I m p o r t and Export Act, violations and penalties under 767 Overthrow of U. S. Government, advocacy by employees 50, 51, 62, 171, 188, 223, 246, 267, 291, 403, 449, 599, 621, 732, 756, 766.



Crimes and Misdemeanors—Continued. ^**'* Renegotiation of contracts, failure to furnish data, etc 16 Small business procurement contracts, falsifications, violations, p e n a l t i e s. 141 Smithsonian Institution and National Gallery of Art buildings and grounds, violation of provisions relative to policing of 635 Strikes against U. S. Government, engaging in, etc., by employees 51, 62, 171, 188, 223, 246, 267, 291, 403, 449, 599, 621, 732, 756, 766. Wagering taxes, failure to comply with provisions of law 531 Crop Insurance Corporation, Federal. See Federal Crop Insurance Corporation. Crows Landing, Calif., Naval Auxiliary Landing Strip, construction of facilities, authorized 344 Cuba: Monuments, etc., to American soldiers, appropriation for maintenance 617 Naval installations and facilities, construction authorized 349, 350 Sugar Act of 1948, amendments, quota provisions under 318, 319 Trade agreement, supplementary proclamation respecting ginger root c39 Currituck Beach Lighthouse Reservation, conveyance to North Carolina 643 Curtis, Thomas B., appropriation for payment for expenses of contested election case 737 Customs, Bureau of. See under Treasury Department. Customs Administrative Act of 1938, repeal of certain provisions 75 Customs and Patent Appeals, Court of, appropriation for 595 Customs Court, appropriation for 595 Customs Duties. See I m p o r t s. Cut Bank Municipal Airport, Mont., appropriation for claims 739 Czechoslovakiia, appropriation for selected residents or escapees supporting North Atlantic T r e a t y Organization, authorized 373 Appropriation for 730 D Dahlgren, Va., Naval Proving Ground, construction of facilities, authorized _ _ Dairy Industry, Bureau of, appropriation for Reduction Dairy Products: Ceiling prices I m p o r t control authority

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