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Dam Neck, Va., Fleet Air Defense Train^ ^ ^ Defense, Department of—Continued. ^"^* ing Center, construction of facilities, Appropriation for—Continued. authorized 346 Universal Military Training and Service Act, training expenses, Damage Claims..See Claims. authorization 87 Dania, Fla., authority of Navy Department to g r a n t easement to 643 Armed Forces Policy Council, a p p r o priation for 423 Daughters of the American Revolution, National Society of, property holdAssignment of Claims Act of 1940, ings, increase 130 amendment 41 Canal Zone, employment conditiolis and David Taylor Model Basin, Carderock, Md., construction of naval facilities, limitations 447 Citizenship requirements, nonapplicaauthorized 344, 347 bility to personnel 444 Davis, James C, appropriation for payCivilian employees— ment for expenses of contested elecFunds available for instruction and tion case 737 training; restriction 446 Davis-Bacon Act, applicability to certain Limitation on n u m b e r 450 defense housing construction 308 Claims— Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Tucson, Authority of the Secretaries of the Ariz., construction of facilities, authorArmy and Air Force to consider, ized 351 settle, etc., certain maritime Davisville, R. I., Naval Advance Base claims 572, 573 Depot, construction of facilities, Correction of military or naval recauthorized 347, 348 ords, payment of claims arising Daylight Saving Time, District of Cofrom 656 lumbia, authority of Commissioners _ _ 38 Funds available for 424, 754 Dayton U. S. Air Force Specialized Depot, Classification Act of 1949, positions in Ohio, construction of facilities, augrades 17 and 18 of General Schedthorized 359 ule, authority 449 Deaf, Columbia Institution for the, approCommissary stores, limitation on availpriation for 212 ability of appropriations for 449 Decatur, III.: Construction and maintenance— Atomic Energy Commission Plant, Appropriation authorized 364, 365 transfer to Navy Department 372 Appropriation for 432, 764 Signal D e p o t, construction of facilities, Authorization 336-365 authorized 341 Cost limitation 446 Declaration of Independence, Commission Contingencies, appropriation for 424 for U. S. participation in anniversary Contracts— celebration 97 Cost-plus-a-fixed-fee contracts, limiDefense, Department of. See also Air tation on use of funds 765 Force, Department of the; Armed Defense, financing of 41 Forces; Army, Department of the; Renegotiation of 7 Navy, Department of the. Detail of military and naval personnel Access roads, funds available for 422 to other agencies, additional emAir power, appropriation for expansion _ 425 ployment authority 445 Allotments, etc., of pay and allowances, Electromagnetic radiation, authority of restriction on reclamation because President to control 611 of death of allotter 445 Emergency fund, appropriation for 424 Appropriation Act 423 Equipment, special or technical, funds Appropriation for 48, available for 445 60, 112, 149, 208, 366, 423, 747, 754, 764 Experts or consultants, temporary emApportionment, exemption from cerployment authorized; compensatain requirements, authority of tion, etc 444 President 448 Federal Prison Industries, transfer of Availability, restriction 50, 448 property or equipment to, authoriMidshipmen, flight training, increase zation 722 in appropriations for p a y and Flight p a y, restriction on payment of- _ 450 allowances 449 Gages, dies, and jigs, funds available for Reduction.. 755 procurement 445 Transfer of funds 424