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Defense, Department of—Continued. ^"^^ War risk and certain aviation and liability insurance, provision by Secretary of Commerce, authority 65 Water-supply facilities, San Diego, Calif., area, enlargement, authorization 404 Defense, Secretary of. See Defense, Department of. Defense Highway Act of 1941, construction of access roads under, appropriation authorized 422 Appropriation for 592 Defense Housing and Community Facilities and Services Act of 1951 293 Appropriation for effecting provisions. _ 760, 762, 763 Defense Mobilization, Office of: Appropriation for 112, 750 Contracts for temporary or i n term i t t e n t services, renewal annually 751 Director, appropriation for compensation 750 Information functions, exemption from restriction on use of funds for personnel engaged in 759 Salaries and expenses, appropriation for 750 Defense Production Act Amendments of 1951 131 Defense Production Act of 1950: Amendments— Attorneys, price ceiling exemptions. _ 135 Barbers and beauticians, price ceiling exemptions 135 Borrowing under 134 Compensation of agency heads under. 138 Courts, powers under 139 Credit control violations, p e n a l t y.. 137, 138 Customary margins for sellers 136 Down payment requirements on certain real-estate loans 313 Expansion of productive capacity and supply 133 Fines, etc., disallowance of 136 Labor disputes, settlement of 137 N a t u r a l gas, exemption from regulations in States with public regulatory agencies 139 Oaths and affirmations, administration authority 139 Overcharges, recovery of, removal of limitation 136 Payments in violation of regulations, etc., disallowance 136 Physicians, certain, price ceiling exemptions 135 Price and wage stabilization 134 Priorities and a l l o c a t i o n s.. 131 Procurement and resale authority 133

INDEX Defense Production Act of 1950—Con. ^"^e Amendments—Continued. Property, requisition and condemnation authority 132 Railway Labor Act, employees under, administration of wage c o n t r o l s.. 137 Reports, printing and distribution, authority of President 139 Small Defense Plants Administration, creation, etc 139-144 State representation in price and wage policy-making 138 Taxes, addition to ceiling prices, authority 135 Termination 144 Time extension of provisions, restrictions 110 U. S. district courts, jurisdiction to enforce provisions, etc 136 Veterans' credit preferences 138 Appropriation for carrying out provisions 33, 60, 112, 751, 752, 753, 754 Borrowings under, limitation 61, 134 Information functions under, exsmption from restriction on use of funds for personnel engaged in 759 Reimbursement for allocations made to Government agencies 61 Residential credit restrictions under, suspension and relaxation in certain cases 294 Defense Production Administration: Aliens, employment of, funds a v a i l a b l e.. 751 Appropriation for 751 Transfers of funds 751 Defense Transport Administration, appropriation for 751 Delaware River Bridges: Pennsylvania and New Jersey T u r n pikes, connecting bridge, consent of Congress to compact 650 Toll bridge near Wilmington, extension of time limitation for completion of construction 91 Denison Dam Project, transfer of certain facilities 250 Denmark, transfer of certain naval vessels to, authorized 322,323 Dental Health Activities, appropriation for 218 Denver, Colo., Mint, appropriation for 185 Deportation Suspensions, concurrent resolutions respecting B3, Bl3, B 1 8, B 3 3, B 4 4, B 5 4, B 5 7, B 6 1, B76, B 8 1, B94, B104.

Deseret Chemical Depot, Utah, acquisition of land, construction of facilities, authorized