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Page Page Claims—Continued War Claims Act of 1948. See separate title. War Claims Commission, appropriation 235 for 311 [NOTE: For actions concerning individuals, see Claims, Court of. See under United States Individual Index, following this Subject Index.] Courts. Clarl(-Stotsenberg Area, Philippine Islands, Armed Forces— rescission of prior military construcAppropriation for 16, 336, 429 tion authorization 453 C o m b a t a n t activities, nonapplicaClinton Bridge Commission, Iowa, conbility of to r t claims procedure to struction of bridge across Mississippi claims arising from, continuation River 65 of emergency powers 18, 131 Emergency powers continuation 18, 131 Clovis Air Force Base, N. M e x.: Settlement of foreign claims by comConstruction of facilities authorized 446 mission, continuation of emerRescission of prior construction authorgency powers 18, 131 ization 459 Time extension for filing claims for Coal, Alaska, disposition of coal deposits loss of property in military in lands reserved for educational uses. _ 364 service 317 Coal Mine Safety Board of Review, Federal, appropriation for 14, 277 Audited claims, appropriation for payment 17, 58, 435 Coal-Tar Products, repeal of certain marking requirements for imports 509 Damage claims, appropriation for payment 17, 435 Coast and Geodetic Survey: Appropriation for 378 Defense, Department of, appropriation Charts, reimbursement for 378 for - _ 16, 336 Geomagnetic station, appropriation for District of Columbia, appropriation construction and equipment 379 for 58, 279 Federal Prison System, funds available M u t u a l security activities, appointment of officers for 480 for payment of claims of employees. 374 Immigration and Naturalization ServRetired personnel— ice, Sunday and holiday pay, Restriction on payments to, for sales of supplies or war m a t e r i a l s. 437 appropriation for 421 Survivors' annuities, election 502 Indian Claims Commission, appropriaUniformed Services Contingency Option for 308 tion Act of 1953 501 International Claims Commission, a p Uniformed Services Contingency Oppropriation for expenses 421 tion Act of 1953 501 International Claims Settlement Act Coast Guard. See also Armed Forces; of 1949— Defense, Department of. Amendments 506 Acquisition, construction, and improveAppropriation for claims under 421 ments, appropriation for 69 Japanese ancestry, persons of, approAppropriation for 69 priation for salaries and expenses. 373, 421 Cape May, N. J., defense housing Judgments, appropriation for payment. 17, facility, acceptance and adminis58, 435 tration 529 Navy, Department of the, appropriaClaims, continuation of emergency tion for 429 powers with respect to 18, 131 Post Office Department, appropriation Operating expenses, appropriation for.. 69 for 12,71 Transfer of funds from 69 Reclamation, Bureau of, appropriation Outer Continental Shelf lands, authority for payment 268 with respect to safety equipment, State, Department of, appropriation for navigation, etc 463 payment 420,432

Civil-Service Retirement and Disability Fund—Continued Small Business Administration, contributions Claims: