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94 TREATY WITH THE CHEROKEES. 1805. Part ofsaid sand dollars, the commencement of which is this day. But so much P“Y'“?“* “’ be of the said eleven thousand dollars, as the said Cherokees may agree to m°9h'"°S f" acce t in useful articles of and machines for, agriculture and manufac. agriculture, &c. P _ _ a _ h _ _ tures, shall be paid in those articles, at their option. Cm O,. Am, IV. The citizens of the United States shall have the free and U_S?$;Shayg unmolested use and enjoyment of the two following described roads, the use of cer- in addition to those which are at present established through their

ggj,j°¤°¤‘°°d country; one to proceed from some convenient place near the head of

` Stone’s river, and fall into the Georgia road at a suitable place towards the southern frontier of the Cherokees. The other to proceed from the neighbourhood of Franklin, on Big Harpath, and crossing the Tennessee at or near the Muscle Shoals, to pursue the nearest and best way to the settlements on the Tombigbee. These roads shall be viewed and marked out by men appointed on each side for that purpose, in order that they may be directed the nearest and best wayg, dand the time of doing the business the Cherokees shall be duly noti e . Treaty, when Anrr. V. This treaty shall take effect and be obligatory on the coutc take effect- tracting parties, as soon as it is ratified by the President of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate of the same. IN Tmsrrmouy wunnnor, the said commissioners, and the undersigned chiefs and head men of the Cherokees have hereto set their hands and seals. Dorm at Tellico the twenty-fifth day of October, one thousand eight hundred and five. A reserve being made in the margin of the first column, to Dick Fields, for his improvement, and two interlineations being first made. RETURN J. MEIGS, DAN L. SMITH. Fox, or Em, no, lee, John Jolly, or Eu, la, ta, kee, Path·Kille or Ne, no, hut, ta, he, Bark, or Eul, loo, ka, Glass, or Tau, qua tee hee, John McLemore, or John Eu skee lacau, Double Head, or dhuqlialutauge, Big Bear, or Y0, nahaqua, i Dick Justice, Dreadfullwater, or Au, man, dc, skaw, su, Tounhull, or Too, nay, eh, tee, Turtle at Home, or Sul, li, coo, ahwa, la, Cha}, lan, git, ti, hee, Che, na, wee, Calliliskee or Knife Sheat, Slave Boy, or Oo, sau na bee Clo se, nee Tal, lo ti, skee,l i Chxillow, or’King’dsher, Broom, or Cun, na, wee so, skee John Watts, jun. John Greenwood, or Soifr Mush, , Sharp Arrow, or Co, star, auh, Chu, li, o, ah, John Dougherty, or Long John, Kati, gi, skee, Tuc, ka, see, or Tarreppin, 'IWilliam Shawry, or Eskaculi, skee, Tu, ske, git, tihee, or Long Fellow, 00, cha, lar, Tochuwor, or Red Bird, James Davis, or Coo, wu sa, li, skee, Ka, ti, hee, or Badgerson. WITNESSESZ——R0b€ft Purdy, Secretary to the Commissioner. W. Yates, Lieutenant Artillerists. Wm. L. Lovely, Assistant Agent. Nicholas Byers, United States’ gacgr. k Ge(<Eé1Wi-ICampbell. Will. Polk. James Blair. Jno. Smith, jun. Thomas . ar . s. icks, Interpreter. To the Indian names are subjoined a mark and seal.