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TREATY WITH THE MIAMIS, ETC. 1809. 115 Awr. 9th. The tribes who are parties to this treaty, being desirous Kiekapooe. to show their attachment to their brothers the Kickapoos, agree to cede to the United States the lands on the north—west side of the Wabash, from the Vincennes tract to a northwardly extention of the line running from the mouth of the aforesaid Raccoon creek, and fifteen miles in width from the Wabash, on condition that the United States shall allow them an annuity of four hundred dollars. But this article is to have no effect unless the Kickapoos will agree to it. IN rssrrmouy wnmnsoir, the said William Henry Harrison, and the Sachems and War Chiefs of the before-mentioned tribes, have hereunto set their hands and aiiixed their seals, at Fort Wayne, this thirtieth of September, eighteen hundred and nine. WILLIAM H. HARRISON. Delawarea. Chequinimn, Anderson, for Hockingpomskon, who is ga°k°m°°ksh“t· absent, onengee. Anderson, Miami;;. Pet/chekekapon, pucan, The Beaver, The Ow], C3Pu*i¤ Kmbuck• Meshekenoghqua, or the Little Turtle, Putawazimiean gapemangua, or the Loon, Winemac’ Silver Heels, Five Meddals, by his sou, awapenomm Mcgawgo, Eel Rivers. Shissahecon, for himself and his brother Charley, Tuthinipee, Sheshangomequah, or Swallow, Ossmeet, brother to Five Meddals, The young Wyandott, a Miamie of Nanousekah, Penamo’s son, Elk Hart. Mosser, In presence of Peter Jones, Secretary to the Commissioner. Jno. Johnston, Indian agent. A. Heald, Capt. the United States army. A. Edwards, Surgeon’s mate. Ph. Ostrander, Lieut. United States army. Jno. Shaw. Stephen Johnston. J. Hamelton, Sheriff of Dearborn County. Hendrick Aupaumut. William Wells, John Conner, Joseph Barron, Abraham Ash, Sworn Interpreters. To the Indian names are subjoined n mark and seal. A SEPARATE ARTICLE Entered into at fort Wayne, on the thirtieth day of September, Sept. 20, 1809. in the year rj our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nine, between William Henry Iclarrison, commissioner plenipoten- J au. 16, 1810. tiary of the United States for treating with the Indian tribes, and the Sachems and chief warriors of the Mami and Eel river tribes of Indians, which is to be considered as forming part of the treaty this day concluded between the United States and the said tribes, and their allies the Delawares and Putawatimies. As the greater part of the lands ceded to the United States, by the treaty this day concluded, was the exclusive property of the Miami nation and guaranteed to them by the treaty of Grouseland, it is considered by the said commissioner just and reasonable that their request to be allowed some further and additional compensation should be complied