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116 CONVENTION WITH THE WEAS. 1809. Additional with. It is therefore agreed that the United States shall deliver for <=¤mP9¤S¤!l<>¤l0 their use, in the course of the next Spring at fort Wayne, domestic ‘h° M“‘““S‘ animals to the amount of five hundred dollars, and the like numhei- {c,- the two following years, and that an armoree shall be alsomaintarned at Further allow. fort Wayne for the use of the Indians as heretofore. It is also agreed anqetcthe Mi- that if the Kickapoos confirm the ninth article of the treaty to whrch jgmfkweas “"d this is a supplement, the United States will allow to the Meamiq-is c e mm' further permanent annuity of two hundred dollars, and to the Wea and Eel river tribes a further annuity of one hundred dollars each. IN '1`ESTIMONY wnmtrzor, The said William Henry Harrison, and the Sachems and War Chiefs of the said tribes, have hereunto set their hands and aflixed their seals, the day and place above mentioned. WILLIAM H. HARRISON. Charley, an Eel river, Shywahbeanomo. Pecan, Mia.;; 'g _ Sheshauqouoquah, or Swallow, an Eel Thc Ou], N 3 1’lV€¤'. _ _ Wafremanqua, or the Loon, The Y<>¤¤E WY°¤¢l°lt» ¤ Mmm! 0* Mushekeuoghqua, or the Little Turtle, Elk Hart, Silver Heels. In presence of Peter Jones, Secretary to the Commissioner. Joseph Barron. A. Edwards. William Wells. Jno. Shaw. To the Indian names are subjoined a mark and seal. A C O N V E N T I O N OGL 26, 1g0g_ Entered into at Wncennes, in the Indiana territory, between VW1-

 liarn Henry Harrison,. commissioner plenipetentiary of the

2, 1810, . United States, for treating with the Indian tribes north-west of P'°°l¤¤¤¤°¤» the Ohio and the Wea tribe. Jan. 25, 1810. Wm, Cowen, Tun said tribe, by their Sachems and head warriors, hereby declare to the treaty of their full and free consent to the treaty concluded at fort Wayne, on the S°Pl· 30r 1809- thirtieth ultirno, by the above mentioned commissioner, with the Delaware, Miami, Putawatimie, and Eel river tribes; and also to the separate article entered into on the same day with the Miami and Eel river tribes. And the said commissioner, on the part of the United States, agrees to allow the said Indian tribe an additional annuity of three hundred dollars, and a present sum of fifteen hundred dollars, in consideration of the relinquishment made in the first article of said treaty; and a further permanent annuity of one hundred dollars, as soon as the Krckapoos can be brought to give their consent to the ninth article of said treaty. IN rrnsrrrmouy wnnnsorr, the said William Henry Harrison, and the Sachems and head warriors of the said tribe, have hereunto set their hands and aiiixed their seals, this twenty-sixth day of October, one thousand eight hundred and nine. WILLIAM H. HARRISON.