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TREATY WITH THE OTTOES AND MISSOURIAS. 1825. 277 Skin-gwin-ee·s•e, the ratler. O-lo-pee-aau, or Mache-paho-ta-the bear. Was-ar-wis-ke-no, the yellow bird. Keesis, the sun. Pau-ko-tuk, the open sky. N o-wank, he that gives too little. Au-kaak-wan-e-snk, he that vaults on the Kan-ka·mote. earth. Neek-waa. Mu-ku-taak-wsu-wet. Ka-tuck·e-kan-ka, the fox with a spotted Mis-ke-bee, the standing hair. breast. Mock-to-back-la-gum, black tobacco. FW!!!- Wes-kesa, the bear family. Wan-ba-law, the playing fox. Iowa . ye. TH`;mm° but that make, me Ma.-hc;-jka, the white cloud. _ . . . _ ump rn. §;;:::;?;;:;£1mt£l°n¥5:3i?€h¤‘ is 'Wa-ca·nee, the painted medicine. heard all our the world. ar-no-mun, a great many deer. Misowin, moose deer horn. .1vy."h°°`g°’ the °wl' . No-ko-wot, the down of the fur. w$°°°`m;'n°;; uw l'g¥l"'"g' Nau-sa-wa·quot, the bear that sleeps on T mms '°’ ° mm I"' the forks. o-nup-he-non-e, the Bea. Shin-quin-is, the ratler. gg;::;;?; Wrr1rzssas.—Thomas Biddle, Secretary. R. A. McCabe, Capt. 5th In£ R. A. Forsyth. N. Borlvin, U. S. Ind. Ag. C. C. Trowbridge, Sub. Ind. Agent. Henry R. Schoolcraft, U. S. Ind. Agent. B. F. Harney, Surg. U. S. A. W. B. Alexander. Sub. Ind. Agent. Thomas Forsyth, Agent Ind. AHZ Maurice Blondaux. David Bailey. James M¤Ilvaine, Lieut. U. S. Army. Law Taliaferro, Ind. Agent for Upper Mississippi. John Holiday. William Dickson. S. Campbell, U. S. Interpreter. J. A. Lewis. William Holiday. Dunable Dinglay. Bela Chapman. To the Indian names are suhjoined a mark and seal. T B. E A T Y With the Ottoe and Missouri Tribe. Sept. 26, 1825. . . . P I, Fon the ur se of er etuatin the frrendshr which has heretofore Fqligcsiniggg? . P P° P P g P . . . existed, as also to remove all future cause of discussion or drssensron, as it respects trade and friendship between the United States and their citizens, and the Ottoe and Missouri tribe of Indians, the President of the United States of America, by Brigadier-General Henry Atkinson, of the United States’ army, and Major Benjamin O’Fallon, Indian Agent, with full powers and authority, specially appointed and commissioned for that purpose, of the one part, and the undersigned Chiefs, Head-men, and Warriors, of the said Ottoe and Missouri tribe of Indians, on behalf of their tribe, of the other part, have made and entered into the following articles and conditions, which, when ratified by the President of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate,

hall be binding on both parties—to wit:

ARTICLE I. It is admitted by the Ottoe and Missouri tribe of Indians, that they Sigrremacy of l'€Side within the territorial limits of the United States, acknowledge é:°kP°w' their supremacy, and claim their protection. The said tribe also admit g ° tpe right of the United States to regulate all trade and intercourse with t em. ARTICLE 2. _ f The United States agree to receive the Ottoe and Missouri tribe UlT’§i°;°§}g:d‘;d of Indians into their friendshi and under their rotection, and to to them. Ps P Y