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402 TREATY WITH THE POTTAWATIMIES. 1832. hands at Tippecanoe river, on the twenty-seventh day of October in the year eighteen hundred and thirty-two. JONATHAN JENNINGS, J. W. DAVIS, MARKS ORUDIE. To-pe·ne-be, Quis-sin, P0.ka-gnu, Chou·a-ma-sre, Sa-ga-nah, Pat—e-ca-sha, Pe-che-co, Pe-nah-seh, We-is-saw, Mix-e-nee, Che-shaw-gun, Pe-nah-shee, Ghe—bause, So-wah-quen, O-saw-0-wah-co-ne-ah, Ship·she-wa-no, Mah·gah-guk, Kaw-kaw-bee, Sa-gue-na·nah, O-ge-mah-caw-so, Louison Burnet, Mash-kee, Shaw-wah-nuk-wuk, Saw-ge-maw, Mix·sau·bah, Nah-che-ke-zhie, Ne-wah-ko-to, Mis-ke-qua-tah, Che-bah, N ow-o-le-naw, Wah-cose, Tuck-e-now, Mo-nis, Gib-e-nash-wish, O-go—maw-be-tuk, Louison, Kaw·kaw-kc-moke, Che·chaw-cose, Ke-swah-bay, Bee·zaw-yo, Win·keese, O-shah-yaw, To-posh, Ash-kam, Kawk·moc-a-sin, O·ketch-chce, Sa·maw-cah, Weh-zee-oness, Ko-mack, Aub-bee-noulnbee, O-guon-cote, Wrrxsss:—H. Hoover, Se’y. Th. J. V. Owen, U. S. Indian Agent. Marius Willet. J. Stewart, Sub Agent. J. Bt. Chandonnais. John E. Aunt. Peter Godfroy. G. A. Everts. Robert Simerwell. L. M. Taylor. Francis Comparret. E. N. Cicott, Sint. J. B. Baure, Sint. H. Lasselle. Henry Ossem. To the Indian names are subjoined marks. Horses dem After the signing of this treaty, and at the request of the Indians, two vered. thousand seven hundred dollars were applied to the purchasing of horses, which were purchased and delivered to the Indians under our direction, leaving the sum to be paid in merchandise, at this time, twenty-nine thousand three hundred dollars. JONATHAN JENNINGS, J. W. DAVIS, C0n;'r5_ MARKS CRUME, C . It is agreed on the part of the United States, that the followinc claims laims to be . . ¤ paid_ shall be allowed, agreeable to the fourth article of the foregoing treaty, viz : To Erasmus Winslow, three hundred dollars, Squire Thompson, one hundred dollars, L. Johnson, three hundred and seventy-five dollars, Francis Comperret, two thousand four hundred and fifty dollars, Ica Rice, fifteen hundred dollars, T. P. and J. J. Godfroy, two hundred and fifty dollars, Joseph Smith, twenty-six dollars, James Aveline, ninety-eight dollars, Edward Smith, forty-seven dollars,