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TREATY WITH THE KASKASKIAS, ETC. 1832. 403 Gustavus A. Everts, two hundred dollars, Alexis Coquillard, five thousand one hundred dollars, Lathrop M. Taylor, two thousand two hundred and eighty dollars, Peter and J. J. Godfroy, three thousand five hundred dollars, R. A. Forsyth, eighteen hundred dollars, Louis Dupuis, forty dollars, Timothy S. Smith, three hundred and ninety dollars, William Huff; one hundred dollars, '1`homas Jones, two hundred and seventy-five dollars, Michael Cadieux, four hundred and ninety dollars, Arthur Patterson, nine hundred dollars, Samuel McGeorge, three hundred and fifty dollars, D. H. Colerick, one hundred and fifty dollars, James Conner, one thousand dollars. JONATHAN JENNINGS, J. W. DAVIS, } Com'rs. MARKS CRUME, ARTICLES OF A TREATY Made and entered into at Castor Hill, in the county of St. Louis Oct. 27, 1832. in the State ty` bhssouri, this twenty-seventh day of October, one E],Q@,,,,` thousand eight hundred and thirty-two, between William Clark, Feb. 12, 1833., Frank J. Allen and Nathan Kouns, Commissioners on the part rgthe United States, of the one part; and the Kaskaskia and eoria tribes, which, with the Michigamia, Cahokia and Tamarois bands, now united with the two jirst named tribes, for— merly composed the Illinois nation of Indians, of the other part. Wusams, the Kaskaskia tribe of Indians and the bands aforesaid united therewith, are desirous of uniting with the Peorias, (composed as aforesaid) on lands west of the State of Missouri, they have therefore for that purpose agreed with the commissioners aforesaid, upon the following stipulations: An·rrcr.¤ I. The Kaskaskia tribe of Indians and the several bands Cassicm by united with them as aforesaid, in consideration of the stipulations herein K¤Sk¤Ski¤¤· made on the part of the United States, do forever cede and release to the United States the lands granted to them forever by the first section Ante ,,8 of the treaty of Vincennes of 13th August 1803, reserving however to R€s,,,Z,,};,,0n_ Ellen Decoigne the daughter of their late Chief who has married a white man, the tract of land of about three hundred and fifty acres near the town of Kaskaskia, which was secured to said tribe by the act of Congress of Bd March 1793. Anricrn II. The Kaskaskia tribe further relinquishes to the United Annuity reign. States the permanent annuity of one thousand dollars which they receive quished. under the third article of the aforesaid treaty, and their salt annuity due A"t°’ P' TL by treaty of Fort Wayne of 7th June 1803. ARTICLE III. The Peoria tribe and the bands aforesaid, united there- Ccssiou by with, cede and relinquish to the United States, all their claims to land P¤¤ri¤¤· heretofore reserved by, or assigned to them in former treaties, either in the State of Illinois or Missouri.