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508 TREATY WITH THE MENOMONIES. 1835. Done at Cedar Point, in said Territory of Wisconsin this third day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six, and in the year of the Independence of the United States the sixty-first. H. DODGE. Osh-kosh, Shee-pan-ago, Aya·ma·taw, Maw·baw-so, K0-ma-ni-kin, Chin-nay·pay-mawly, Wain-e-saut, Chee·chee-go-waw-way, Kee-sis, Shoneon, Carron-Glaude, Et-chee-kee, Say·ga-toke, Pee-a-tum. Shee-o-ga-tay, Pay-maw-ba-may, Wah-pee-min, Ah-kah-mute, Isk-ki-ninew, Pah-mun-a-kut, K0-ma-ni-kee-no-shah, Chee-kah-ma·ke»sl1ir, Wah-bee-ne-mickee, Wah-kee-che-uu. Signed and sealed in the presence of Henry S. Baird, Secretary to the Commissioner. George Boyd, United States Indian Agent. Charles A. Grignon, Sworn Interpreter. William Powell, Sworn Interpreter. George M. Brooke, Bt. Brigir. Genl. R. E. Clary, U. S. Army. D. Jones. John P. Arndt. Chas. R. Brush. Louis Philipson. L. Grignon. Agt. Grignon. Samuel Ryan. William Bruce. John Drake. David Blish, jr. J. Jourdain. T. T. Porlier. To the Indian names are subjoined marks. Schedule. Claims to be It is agreed on the part of the United States, that the following Paid bY U- S- claims shall be allowed and paid, agreeably to the second article of the foregoing treaty, viz : To John Lawe, twelve thousand five hundred dollars; Augustine Grignon ten thousand dollars; William Powell and Robert Grignon four thousand two hundred and fifty dollars; Charles A. Grignon ten thousand dollars; John Lawe &. Co., six thousand dollars; Walter T. Webster one hundred dollars; John P. Arndt five hundred and fifty dollars; William Farnsworth and Charles R. Brush two thousand five hundred dollars; James Porlier, seven thousand five hundred dollars; Heirs of Louis Beaupre one thousand five hundred dollars; Dominick Brunette two hundred and thirty-one dollars and fifty cents; Alexander J. Irwin, one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars; American Fur Co. (western outfit) four hundred dollars; Charles Grignon one thousand two hundred dollars; Joseph Rolette one thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars; Charles A. and Alexander Grignon seven hundred and fifty dollars; James Reed seven hundred dollars; Peter Powell one thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars; Paul Grignon five thousand five hundred dollars; William Dickinson three thousand dollars; Robert M. Eberts seventy-four dollars; Joseph J ourdain fifty dollars; James Knaggs five hundred and fifty dollars ($550 g) Ebenezer Childs two hundred dollars; Lewis Rouse five thousand dollars; William Farnsworth two thousand five hundred dollars;