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TREATY WITH THE MENOMON IES. 1836. 509 Saml. Irwin &» Geo. Boyd jr. one hundred and five dollars; Aneyas Grignon two thousand five hundred dollars; Pierre Grrgnon deed. by Rob. oz. Peter B. Grignon six thousand dollars; Stanislius Chappne one hundred dollars; John Lawe one thousand two hundred dollars; William Dickinson two hundred and fifty dollars; Stanislius Chappue two thousand five hundred dollars; Lewis Grignon seven thousand two hundred and fifty dollars. H. DODGE, Commissioner. All the above accts were sworn to before me the 3d day of Septembet IS36. JOHN P. ARNDT, A Justice of the Peace. [No·rs.——'Ifhis treaty_ was ratified with the following amendments thereto, as expressed in the aforesaid re olution of the Senate: After the word "country" inline 4 of article 2d strike out the words "the sum of twenty-three thousand seven hundred and fifty," and insert the following words in lieu thereof-or at such other place as may he designated by the President of the United States, the sum of twenty thousand. After the word " cents," at the end of the third paragraph of the second article, insert the following words. Provided, always, Thatano part or portion of said debts shall be paid until the validity and justice of each of them, shall have been inquired into by the Superintendent of Indian Affairs, who shall in no instance increase the amount specified in said schedule, but who shall allow the sum specified, reject it entirely, or reduce itu upon examination and proof may appear just, and if any part of said sum is left after Ipolying said debts so adjudged to be just, then such surp ns shall be paid to the said n ians for their own use. _ _ _ Strike out the fourth paragraph of the second article m the following words: “The sum of one thousand dollars per annum having been included by the commissioner, in his proposition for the purchase of the above land (which sum was applied to the education of the Indian youth) and the said Indians having declared that they were not desirous of applying that sum to the aforesaid purpose, and that they wished to give that amount to their friend and relation Robert Grignon, for valuable services rendered by him to their nation, therefore, the United States do agree to pay to the said Robert Grignon the sum of one thousand dollars, each year, during the said term of twenty years. _ _ _ At the end of the second article insert the following proviso: Praotdetl, always. That no person shall be entitled to any part of said fund, unless he is_of Indian descent and actually resident within the boundaries described in the first article of this treaty, nor shall any thing be allowed to any such person who may have received any allowance under any previous treaty. The portions of this fund allowed by the commissioner to those half-breeds who are orphans, or poor or incomoletsnt to make a proper use thereof, shall be paid to them in insta ments or otherwise ast e President may direct. _ _ At the end of the third article insert the following words t And in consideration of said release and relinquishment, the United States stipu ate and agree that the sum of seventy- six thousand dollars shall be allowed to the said Indians, and this sum shall be invested in some safe took and the interest thereof as it accrues shall also be so vested until such time as in the `udgment of the President, the income of the aggregate sum can be usefully applied to the execution of the dprovisions in the said fourth article, or to some other purposes beneficial to the said In ians.] 2 s 2