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574 TREATY WITH THE CREEKS. 1838. Grants of land To White Raccoon one section of land on the Ten mile reserve

1° P;gs°“*’ where he may wish locate the same.

amTo La Blonde, the chiefs daughter one section of land on the Yvabash river below and adjoining the section of land granted to Francis Godfroy, to be surveyed as she may direct. To N i-con-zah one section of land on the Mississinnewa river a little above the section of land granted to the Deaf Man’s daughters, and on the opposite side of the river, to include the pine or evergreen tree, and to be surveyed as he may direct. To John B. Richardville one section of land to include the Osage village on the Mississinnewa river as well as the burying ground of his family, to be surveyed as he may direct. To Kee·ki-lash-e-we-ah alias Godfroy one half section of land back of the section granted to the principal chief opposite the town of Wabash, to include the creek; One-half section of land commencing at the lower corner of the section granted to Mais-zi-quah, thence half a mile down the NVabash river. To Al·lo-lah one section of land above and adjoining the section granted to Mais·shie-gouin-mi-zah and on the same creek. To John B. Richardville, jr. one section ofland on Pipe creek above and adjoining the two sections ofland granted to the principal chief, to be surveyed as he may direct. To John B. Richardville, one section of land wherever he may choose to have the same located. It is understood that all the foregoing grants are to be located and surveyed so as to correspond with the public surveys as near as may be to include the points designated in each grant respectively. ARTICLES OF A TREATY, Nov. 23, 1838. Made and concluded at Fort Gibson west of Arkansas between

 Captain William Armstrong act superintendent Western Hari-

March 2, 1839. tory, and Brevt Brig Gen Arbuchle commissioners on the part of the United States and the undersigned chiefs being tz full delegation of the Creek chiefs duly authorized and enzpoirererl by their nation to acyust " their claims for property and improvements abandoned, or lost, in consequence of their emigration west of the llEssissip_pi." Certain claims AR·r.1st. The Creek nation do hereby relinquish all "claims for g=l¤¤<L¤¤¤h°d by property and improvements abandoned or lost, in consequence of their '°° S' emigration west of the Mississippi," in consideration of the sums stipulated in the following articles. Payment for Am-. 2d. The United States agree to pay the Creek nation for prosaid claims- perty &,c. as set forth in the preceding article the sum of fifty thousand dollars in stock animals as soon as practicable after the ratification of this treaty. These animals to be furnished and distributed to the people of each town in proportion to their loss, as set forth by the accompany- ing schedule under the direction of their chiefs and an agent of the Government. Investment for Am. 3d. The United States further agrees to invest for the benefit ¢¢¤¤i¤ Creeks- of the individuals of the Creek nation referred to in the preceding article,