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117 Coast Guard. Except when procured by fraud, a correction under this section is final and conclusive on all officers of the United States. (b) No correction may be made under subsection (a) unless the claimant or his heir or legal representative files a request therefor before October 26, 1961, or within three years after he discovers the error or injustice, whichever is later. However, a board established under subsection (a) may excuse a failure to file within three years after discovery if it finds it to be in the interest of justice. (c) The department concerned may pay, from applicable current appropriations, a claim for the loss of pay, allowances, compensation, emoluments, or other pecuniary benefits, or for the repayment of a fine or forfeiture, if, as a result of correcting a record under this section, the amount is found to be due the claimant on account of his or another'service in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard, as the case may be. If the claimant is dead, the money shall be paid, upon demand, to his legal representative. However, if no demand for payment is made by a legal representative, the money shall be paid— (1) to the surviving spouse, heir, or beneficiaries, in the order prescribed by the law applicable to that kind of payment; (2) if there is no such law covering order of payment, in the order set forth in section 2771 of this title; or (3) as otherwise prescribed by the law applicable to that kind of payment. A claimant's acceptance of a settlement under this section fully satisfies the claim concerned. This section does not authorize the payment of any claim compensated by private law before October 25, 1951. (•d) Applicable current appropriations are available to continue the pay, allowances, compensation, emoluments, and other pecuniary benefits of any person who was paid under subsection (c), and who, because of the correction of his military record, is entitled to those benefits, but for not longer than one year after the date when his record is corrected under this section if he is not reenlisted in, or appointed or reappointed to, the grade to which those payments relate. Without regard to qualifications for reenlistment, or appointment or reappointment, the Secretary concerned may reenlist a person in, or appoint or reappoint him to, the grade to which payments under this section relate. (e) No payment may be made under this section for a benefit to which the claimant might later become entitled under the laws and regulations administered by the Administrator of Veterans' Affairs. (f) The Secretary of Defense for the military departments, and the Secretary of the Treasury for the Coast Guard, shall report to Congress every six months on claims paid under this section during the period covered by the report. The report shall include for each claim the name of the claimant, a brief description of the claim, and a statement of the amount paid. CHAPTER 81.—CIVILIAN EMPLOYEES Sec. 1581. 1582. 1583. 1584.

Appointment: professional and scientific services. Professional and scientific services: reports to Congress on appointments. Employment of certain persons without compensation. Laws relating to employment of non-citizens: not applicable to research and development activities.