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238 Sec.

4348. 4349. 4350. 4351. 4352. 4353. 4354. 4355.

Cadets: agreement to serve as oflScer. Cadets: organization of Corps; service; instruction. Cadets: clothing and equipment. Cadets: deficiencies in conduct or studies; effect of failure on successor. Cadets: hazing. Cadets: degree and commission on graduation. Buildings and grounds: memorial hall; buildings for religious worship. Board of Visitors.

§4331. Superintendent; faculty; adjutant; chaplain (a) There shall be at the United States Military Academy, at West Point, New York, in this chapter called the "Academy", the following— (1) a Superintendent; (2) a Dean of the Academic Board, who is a permanent professor; (3) a Commandant of Cadets; (4) two permanent professors of each of the following subjects— (A) Electricity; (B) English; (C) Foreign Languages; (D) Mathematics; (E) Mechanics; (F) Military A r t and Engineering; (G) Military Topography and Graphics; (H) Physics and Chemistry; and (I) Social Sciences; (5) one permanent professor of each of the following subjects— (A) Law; and (B) Ordnance; (6) a professor of Military Hygiene; (7) an adjutant; (8) a chaplain; and (9) a director of music. (b) Upon becoming the senior commissioned officer of the Medical Corps on duty at the Academy, an officer thereby becomes the professor of Military Hygiene. § 4332. Departments and professors: titles (a) The Secretary of the Army may prescribe the titles of each of the departments of instruction and the professors of the Academy. However, the change of the title of a department or officer does not affect the status, rank, or eligibility for promotion or retirement of, or otherwise prejudice, a professor at the Academy. (b) Upon becoming the senior professor in a depnrtment, a permanent professor thereby becomes the head of that department. § 4333. Superintendent; faculty: appointment and detail (a) The Superintendent and the Commandant of Cadets of the Academy shall be detailed to those positions by the President from any branch of the Army. Other officers on duty at the Academy, except the permanent professors, may be detailed from any branch of the Army.