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§ 7545.

Obsolete material and articles of historical interest: loan or gift (a) Subject to regulations under section 486 of title 40, the Secretary of the Navy, under regulations prescribed by him, may lend or give, without expense to the United States, captured, condemned, or obsolete ordnance material, books, manuscripts, works of art, drawings, plans, and models, other condemned or obsolete material, trophies, and flags, and other material of historic interest not needed by the Department of the Navy, to— (1) a State, Territory, (commonwealth, or possession of the United States, o r political subdivision or municipal corporation thereof; (2) the District of Columbia; (3) a library; (4) a historical society; (5) an educational institution whose graduates or students fought in World W a r I or World W a r II; (6) a soldiers' monument association; (7) a State museum; (8) a museum operated and maintained for educational purposes only, whose charter denies it the right to operate for profit; (9) a post of the Veterans of Foreign W a r s of the United States; (10) a post of the American Legion; (11) any other recognized war veterans' association; or (12) a post of the Sons of Veterans Reserve. (b) Records of the Government as defined in section 366 of title 44 may not be disposed of under this section. (c) No loan or gift under this section may be made unless— (1) notice of the proposal to make the loan or gift is sent to Congress; (2) 80 calendar days of continuous session of Congress have expired after the notice was sent to Congress; and (3) during that 30-day period Congress does not pass a concurrent resolution stating in substance that it does not favor the proposed loan or gift. (d) If any disposition is authorized by this section and section 2572 of this title, the Secretary may make the gift or loan under either section. § 7546. Loan or gift of articles to ships' sponsors and donors The Secretary of the Navy, under regulations prescribed by him and without expense to the United States, may lend or give— (1) to the sponsor of a vessel the name plate or any small article of negligible or sentimental value from that vessel; and (2) to any State, group, or organization named in section 7545 of this title any article, material, or equipment, including silver service, given by it. § 7547.

Equipment for instruction in seamanship: loan to military schools (a) Upon the application of the governor of any State having a seacoast or bordering on any of the Great Lakes, the President may direct the Secretary of the Navy to lend to one well-established mill-