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[75 Stat. 1177]
[75 Stat. 1177]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961


SUBJECT INDEX Banks and Banking—Continued ^^^^ Federal Home Loan Bank Act, amendments— Capital stock, subscription 482 Federal H o m e Loan Bank Board— Appropriation for; limitation 739 Directors, election and appointment 486 Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation— Appropriation for; limitation 739 Savings and loan accounts, insurance premiums; Primary and Secondary Reserves 483 Foreign central banks, income taxes, certain exemptions 64 Barley, price support for 1962 crop 301 Battle of First Manassas, participation of National Guard members in reenactment 200 Beacli Erosion Control: Appropriation for 722 Oceanside, San Diego County, Calif., authorization of proj ect 18 Beer, excise tax rate, extension 193 Bicycles, modification of trade agreement concessions, proclamation 1028 Blind: American Printing House for the BlindAppropriation for 607, 737 Education, authorized appropriation for books, etc., increase 627 Books, appropriation for 39, 333 G r a n t s to states, increase 143 Blue Ridge Parkway, Va., land transfers 192, 196 Bonneville Power Administration: Administrator, removal of position from purview of Federal Executive P a y Act of 1956 792 Appropriation for 36, 145, 412, 728 Botanic Garden, appropriation for 331 Bridges: San Bernardino County, Calif.-Mohave C o u n t y, Ariz., bridge transfer 391 Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge, Va.Md., a p p o r t i o n m e n t of expense of operation 778 Budget, Bureau of the: Appropriation for 34, 269 Area Redevelopment Act, approval of supergrade positions apportioned among agencies for functions under.. 62 Report by Defense Department on use of real property, etc., in foreign countries 379 64207 0-62—77

Budget, Bureau of the—Continued ^^^^ Report to Congress, civil service retirement and disability fund, estimates ' 345 Business and Defense Services Administration, appropriation for 32 Business Economics, Office of, appropriation for 32 C Cache National Forest, Utah, appropriation for acquisition of land California: Atomic Energy Commission, retrocession of jurisdiction over certain land Joshua Tree National Monument, land addition Lassen Volcanic National Park, land addition Oceanside, San Diego County, beach erosion control project Pala Band of Indians, land conveyance, San Bernardino County, and Mohave County, Ariz., transfer of bridge to_ Susanville, land conveyance to city Trinity County, land conveyance to Tulelake area, special wheat acreage allotment, extension Wildlife management, appropriation for_ California and Oregon Grant Lands, appropriation for Cameroun, immigration quota, proclamation Canada: International B o u n d a r y Commission, United States and Canada, appropriation for Vessels, transportation between Alaskan ports Canal Zone: Annuities for certain civilian employees, appropriation for Canal Zone Government, appropriation for General provisions. Appropriation ActP a n a m a Canal Company — Appropriation for Garnishment of salaries of employees, immunity Canal Zone Code. For sections affected see Tables 5 and 15 in " Laws Affected in Volume 7 5 ", preceding this Index. Cancer Control Month, 1961, proclamation Cancer Research Facilities, appropriation for grants "Cannon's Procedure in the House of Representatives", printing of copies, authorization


475 197 319 18 79 391 267 244 778 255 246 978

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345 278 279 278 521

1040 603