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[75 Stat. 1198]
[75 Stat. 1198]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



Health, Education, and Welfare, Depart- ^^^^ ment of: American Printing House for the BlindAppropriation for 607, 737 Education, wider distribution of books, etc., increased appropriation authorized 627 Appropriation for 23, 36, 144, 259, 412, 594, 735 Area Redevelopment Advisory Policy Board, membership 48 Destitute Americans returning from foreign countries, temporary assistance 142 Education, Office of. See separate title. Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, appropriation for effecting provisions 594 Federal Water Pollution Control Act. See separate title. Field Administration, Office of, appropriation for 24,608,738 Food Additives Amendment of 1958, amendment, transitional provisions, time extension 42 Food Additives Transitional Provisions Amendment of 1961 42 Food and D r u g Administration— Appropriation for 36, 594 Food Additives Transitional Provisions Amendment of 1961 42 Nematocide, P l a n t Regulator, Defoliant, and Desiccant Amendment of 1959, amendments, transitional provisions 18, 42 Freedmen's Hospital— Appropriation for 36, 594 Transfer to H o w a r d University; report to Congress 542 Gallaudet College, appropriation for 607 General Counsel, Office of, appropriation for ^ 24, 608 General provisions. Appropriation Act 608,610 Howard University, appropriation for _ 607, 737 Juvenile Delinquency and Youth Offenses Control Act of 1961 572 Appropriation for effecting provisions 738 National Institutes of Health, appropriation for 601 Nematocide, P l a n t Regulator, Defoliant, and Desiccant Amendment of 1959, amendments, transitional provisions 18, 42 Public Assistance, Bureau of, appropriation for 605 Public Health Service. See separate title.


Health, Education, and Welfare, Depart- ^«se ment of—Continued Reports to Congress. See under Congress. Saint Elizabeths Hospital, appropriation for 23, 604, 605 Saline water conversion program, cooperation 629 Scientific and professional positions and positions of a security n a t u r e, increase 789 Secretary, Office of the, appropriation for 24, 608, 738 Social Security Administration. See separate title. Surplus personal property, cooperative agreements with State distribution agencies 213 Surplus property utilization, appropriation for 608 Vocational education. See under Education. Vocational Rehabilitation, Office of, appropriation for 36, 597 Water Pollution Control Advisory Board, chairmanship 207 Health Research Facilities Act of 1956, appropriation for effecting provisions.._ 603 Helium, transfer of funds for acquisition from Department s of the Army, Navy, and Air Force to Bureau of Mines; development and operation of properties 253 Highway Revenue Act of 1956, Amendment, transfer of funds to Highway Trust Fund 128 Highways. See also Public Roads, Bureau of. C a m p Lejeune, N. C., retrocession of jurisdiction over certain highways to State 411 Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1961 122 Federal-aid highways, appropriation for. 275 Forest highways, liquidation of contract authorization, appropriation for 275 Henry G. Shirley Memorial Highway, and other Pentagon road network, conveyance of portion to State of Virginia for improvements 670 Highway T r u s t F u n d, transfer of a m o u n t s to 128 Indian roads, construction, improvement, etc 248, 584 I n t e r s t a t e system— Airspace, agreements regarding u s e. _ 122 Appropriation, authorization for additional 122 Areas adjacent to, t i m e extension for agreements regarding 123 Defense access roads, use of funds for. 123