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[75 Stat. 1199]
[75 Stat. 1199]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



^^^^ Highways—Continued ^'"^'^ House of Representatives—Continued Appropriation for 30, 38, 324, 747 I n t e r s t a t e system—Continued Appropriations Committee— E s t i m a t e cost, approval 122 Appropriation for 30, 325 Massachusetts, share of funds 214 Reports to — National Capital Transportation AgenAtomic Energy Commission 731 cy, land acquisition for developAttorney General, alien property m e n t of future express highways, activities 551 authorization 776 National Highway Week, 1961, procDefense, Department of— lamation 1055 Contingencies, disbursements 371 Disbursements from disposal of National P a r k s, appropriation for 249 military supplies 377 Public lands highways, appropriation Foreign countries, use of real for 276 property, commodities, e t c. 379 "History of the House of RepresentaMissile or satellite program, tives", printing of 967 transfer of funds for 381 Hog Cholera, eradication program 481 National security, transfer of Holyoke Housing Authority, Mass., payment in lieu of taxes 191 funds for 381 Foreign assistance program 718,719 H o m e Owners' Loan Act of 1933, AmendArmed Services Committee, reports to — ment 189 Air Force, Department of the, public Homestead Act, Centennial of the Enactment, designation; proclamation auworks, construction costs 108 thorized 571 Army, Department of the, public works, construction costs 99 Honduras, Republic of, trade agreement proclamation with United States, Navy, Department of the, public termination 1022 works, construction costs 102 H o r s e m e a t, duty-free importation 224 Attending Physician's Office, appropriaHospitals: tion for 326 Abroad, development grants 428 Brooks, Overton, payment to widow of747 Construction activities 191, 600 " C a n n o n ' s Procedure in the House of Representatives", printing of copies, District of Columbia— Freedmen's Hospital— authorization 685 Appropriation for 36, 594 Chaplain, Office of, appropriation for_ 324 Transfer to H o w a r d University; Clerk, Office of the — construction of facilities; approAppropriation for 324 priation authorization 542, 543 Office equipment for Members, addiHospital Center, grants for facilities, tional . 221 time extension 197 Committee employees, appropriation Appropriation for 739 for 324 Saint Elizabeths Hospital, appropriaCompensation and mileage expenses of tion for 23, 604, 605 Members, appropriation for 324 Health service programs in GovernContingent expenses, appropriation for. 38, m e n t agencies, etc., appropriation 325, 747 for 601 Coordinator of Information, Office of, Nursing homes, mortgage insurance 180 appropriation for 38, 326 Nursing schools, housing, loan authorDoorkeeper, Office of, appropriation for. 324 ization 172 Interior and Insular Affairs, Committee Urban renewal projects involving hoson— pitals 169 Tribal funds, restoration of per capita Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, s t u d y of payments into 584 rates of p a y of employees exempted Utility facilities, sale by Bureau of from provisions of Fair Labor StandIndian Affairs 577 ards Amendments of 1961 75 Joint committees, congressional. See House Document No. 412, printing of separate title. additional copies 966 Judiciary, Committee on the, studies on House of Representatives. See also ConState tax a t i o n of interstate comgress; Legislative Branch of the Govmerce 41 ernment. Administrative provision. Appropriation Legislative Counsel, Office of, approAct 327 priation for 325