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[75 Stat. 1202]
[75 Stat. 1202]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961




Housing—Continued Pase Immigration and Nationality Act—Con. ^^^^ Urban renewal areas—Continued Amendments—Continued Parks and recreational facilities 172 Revocation of naturalization 656 Planning assistance 170 Veterans of Korean hostilities, priviRehabilitation of structures for guidleges 653 ance purposes 168 Visas, application form 653 Relocation payments 167 Peace Corps, alien participants, admisResale of property for housing for sion as nonimmigrants under 617 moderate income families 168 Quotas under, proclamations 978, Residential requirements, exceptions, 984, 1002, 1066 increase 168 Immigration and Naturalization Service: Urban Renewal F u n d, appropriation for Appropriation for 37, 552 payments under 354 Peace Corps, alien participants, deportation authority 617 Urban studies and housing research, appropriation for 354 Security guard services, reimbursement Veterans direct home loan program, of General Services Administration. 552 extension 201 Supergrade positions, authorization 786 Voluntary home mortgage credit proImports: gram, extension 191 Clothespins, spring, modification of "How Our Laws Are Made", printing of duties, proclamation . 1101 additional copies as House d o c u m e n t 961 Cotton products, i m p o r t restrictions on Howard University, D.C.: certain, proclamation 1097 Appropriation for 607, 737 Duty-free entries-— Freedmen's Hospital, transfer to; a p Alcoholic beverages and cigars when propriation authorization 542, 543 gifts from certain n o n - r e s i d e n t s.. 541 Human Rights Week, 1960, proclamation. 996 Electron microscopes, etc 214 Huntley Project Irrigation District, Mont., Horsemeat 224 repayment contract, approval 407 Metal scrap 224 Towing carriage, University of Michigan 541 Idaho: P e a n u t oil, flaxseed, and linseed oil, termination of fees, proclamation.. 1043 Avondale, Dalton Gardens, and H a y d e n Petroleum and petroleum products, adLake'Irrigation Districts, construcjustment, proclamation, r 1005, 1018 tion authorized 588 Sugar, Cuban quota, proclamations 1000, Appropriation for 725 1041 Fort Hall Indian irrigation project, T u n g oil and t u n g n u t s, quota limitaelimination of land 390 tion, proclamation 987 Minidoka project, R u p e r t, property Wool fabrics, modification of d u t y 1007 disposal 388 Nez Perce Tribe of Indians, funds Inaugural Addresses, printing of additional copies as House document 963 available 45, 505 Illinois, Fort Sheridan Military ReservaIndependent Offices. See also Governtion, legislative jurisdiction over cerm e n t Department s and Agencies and tain lands within 398 individual titles. Appropriation Act, 1962 342 Immigration and Nationality Act: Amendments— Appropriation for 24, 34, 144, 279, 342, 730, 738 Eligible orphans for adoption 650 General provisions, Appropriation Act s. 359, Excludable aliens 654, 655 363, 730 Judicial review of orders of deportaGeneral Services Administration, reimtion... 651 bursement for security guard servJurisdiction to naturalize 656 ices 730 Loss of nationality 656 Independent Offices Appropriation Act, Nonimmigrant aliens, visas under 1944, Amendment, oaths a d m i n M u t u a l Educational and Culistered by Vice President 743 tural Exchange Act of 1961 534 Independent Offices Appropriation Act, N o n quota status, petitions; s h a m 1957, Amendment, supergrade posimarriages 650, 654 tions, additional, repeal of provision Quotas, revision of 654 authorizing 788 Repeal of certain provisions 657