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[75 Stat. 1203]
[75 Stat. 1203]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961

SUBJECT INDEX Independent Offices Appropriation Act, ^^^^ 1961, Amendment, supergrade positions, additional, repeal of provision authorizing 787 Independent Offices Appropriation Act, 1962 342 Indian Affairs, Bureau of, appropriation for 26, 37, 247, 743 Indian Claims Commission: Appropriation for 35, 260 Commissioners, compensation 794 Jicarilla Apache Tribe, N. Mex., examination of claims 588 Pueblo Indians, N. Mex., determination with respect to certain lands 505 Termination date 92 Indian War Veterans, o u t p a t i e n t and dental t r e a t m e n t 806 Indians: Chilocco Indian Industrial School Reserve, Chilocco, Okla., land conveyance 585 Cocopah Indians, Arizona, lands held in trustfor 387 Colville Reservation, Confederated Tribe of. Wash., funds 45, 639 Confederated Tribes of the W a r m Springs Reservation, Greg., acquisition of land 470 Crow Creek Sioux Tribe, S. Dak., lands held in t r u s t for 809 D a n i a Reservation, Fla., long term lease of lands 804 Fort Belknap Indian irrigation project, transfer of certain units 509 Fort Hall Indian irrigation project, elimination of land 390 Health activities, appropriation for 36, 259, 260 Indian Affairs, Bureau of, appropriation for 26, 37, 247, 743 Indian Arts and Craft Board, per diem to members, increase 45 Indian corporations, revolving loan fund, increased appropriation authorized 520 Jicarilla Apache Tribe, N. Mex., donation of lands to 587 Klamath Tribe— Agency liquidation expenses 37, 248 Appropriation for 20 Lac du Flambeau Reservation, Wis., reserve lands 46 Menominee Tribe, Wis.— Agency liquidation expenses 37, 248 Recreational director, appropriation for 249 Nez Perce Tribe, I d a h o, funds 45, 505 Northern Cheyenne Reservation, Mont., minerals grant 586


Indians—Continued ^^^^ Omaha Tribe, Nebr., disposition of certain j u d g m e n t funds 508 Osage Museum, appropriation for curator 249 Pala Band, Calif., land conveyance to Diocese of San Diego Education and Welfare Corporation. 79 P o t a w a to m i Nation, use and distribution of certain funds 474 Pueblo Indians, N. Mex., t r u s t s t a t u s of certain lands 500 Roads, construction, improvement, etc

248,584 Seneca Nation, payments and disbursetments of moneys from leases 499 Tribal funds— Appropriation for 248 Unclaimed per capita payments, restoration 584 Utility facilities, authorization for contract to sell 577 Vocational training for adults, increased appropriation authorized 571 Walker River P a i u t e Tribe, mineral rights underlying reservation 499 W a p a to Indian irrigation project, W a p ato-Satus unit, Wash., allocation of costs 680 Indus Basin Development, program 433 Industrial Property, Convention of Paris for the Protection of, legislation effecting a provision dealing with patents and trade m a r k s 748 Industrial Reserve Act of 1948, National, appropriation for effecting provisions 351 Information Agency, United States: Appropriation Act, 1962 ,. 556 Appropriation for 36, 556, 743 Informational Media Guarantee Fund, appropriation for 559 Inland Waterways Corporation, appropriation for 275 Insurance: Aviation war risk insurance— Extension of program 210 Revolving fund, funds available 270 Federal ship mortgage insurance, preferred s t a t u s, extension 661 Government d e part m e n t s and agencies, coverage for participants abroad in foreign assistance program 456 Life Insurance Act, District of Columbia, amendments— Credit unions, group life insurance - , 519 Domestic life companies, investments in common stocks of insurance companies 514 M u t u a l companies, tax extension 193