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[75 Stat. 1207]
[75 Stat. 1207]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



International Rules of Judicial Procedure, ^^^^ Jicarilla Apache Tribe, N. Mex., donation ^^^^ Commission and Advisory Committee of lands to 587 on, extension 685 Joint Committees, Congressional: Abraham Lincoln's first inauguration, International Travel Act of 1961 129 anniversary arrangements 3 Appropriation for promotion of 272 Atomic Energy— International Wheat Agreement Act of Appropriation for 38, 322 1949, funds available 238, 239 Development, growth, and state of Interparliamentary Union, Bureau of. atomic energy industry, time United States contributions, increase extension for hearings respecting. 479 authorized 465 Economic, appropriation for 29, 38, 322 Interstate Commerce: Immigration and Nationality Policy, Fugitives from justice, flight to avoid appropriation for 326 prosecution or giving testimony 795 Internal Revenue Taxation— State taxation of, expansion of studies. 41 Appropriation for 38, 326 Interstate Commerce Act, Amendments. 41, 517 Interstate Commerce Commission: Chief of Staff, compensation 792, 793 Appropriation for 35, 354, 741 Renegotiation Act of 1951, study, time extension for report 6, 95 Employee boards, delegation of certain duties to 517 Printing, appropriation for 38, 322 Loan guaranty authority, extension 41 Reduction of Nonessential Federal Expenditures, appropriation for 38, 328 Property moving in interstate or foreign commerce, penalty for willful deJoshua Tree National Monument, Calif., struction or injury to 494 additional lands 197 Railway express revenue, information Judges: for Post Office Department, repeal Appropriation for salaries 746 of provision 221 Circuit and District Courts, appointSupergrade positions, repeal of provision ment of additional Federal 80, 203 respecting 787 Tax court, annuities to widows and deInterstate Commission on the Potomac pendent children of 796 River Basin, appropriation for 610 Judicial Branch of the Government. See Interstate Compacts, Consent of Congress Courts, United States, Granted to: Judicial Conference of the United States, Arizona-Nevada, boundary revision 93 representation 521 Delaware River Basin Compact 688 Judiciary Appropriations: Nebraska, Wyoming, and South Dakota, Continuing, 196^ 144,412 time extension for negotiations 412 Judiciary Appropriation Act, 1962 554 North Dakota-Minnesota, boundary 399 Supplemental Appropriation Act, 1962.. 746 Pennsylvania-Ohio, activity on PymaJurors, United States Courts, appropriatuning Lake 242 tion for 27, 555, 747 Urban planning and development 170 Justice, Department of: Inventions Relating to Atomic Weapons, Administrative conference of the United amendment of provisions respecting.. 477 States, appropriation for 744 Iowa: Alien Property, Office of, appropriation Effigy Mounds National Monument, for 28,38,550 land addition 88 Antitrust Division, appropriation for. 551, 744 Van Buren, Lee, Appanoose, and Davis Appropriation Act, 1962 550 Counties, land conveyances 805 Appropriation for 27, Isleta Pueblo, N. Mex., trust status of 37, 144, 195, 412, 550, 744 certain lands 504 Attorney General— Italy, Centennial of Unification, proclamaAlien property activities, report to tion 1037 Congress 551 Ivory Coast, immigration quota, proclamappropriation for expenses -. 551 tion 979 Destitute Americans returning from foreign countries, plans for temporary assistance, consultation.. 142 Jane Addams Centennial Day, proclamaFugitives from justice, flight to avoid tion 975 prosecution, approval of proseJemez Pueblo, N. Mex., trust status of cution by 795 certain lands 502 Small business surveys; reports,.. 667