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[75 Stat. 1206]
[75 Stat. 1206]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



International Claims Settlement Act, ^^ge International Organizations: ^^^^ appropriation for effecting provisions. 550 Caribbean Organization, acceptance by International Commissions, American SecUnited States of agreement for the tions, appropriation for 548 establishment of 194 International Cooperation Administration, Center for Cultural and Technical Interabolishment 445 change Between East and West International Cultural Exchange and Trade Act of 1960, appropriation for Fair Participation Act of 1956: effecting provisions 745 Appropriation for effecting provisions __ 558 Contributions, quotas, etc.— Repeal 538 Appropriation for.. 31, 39, 195, 546, 717, 721 Interparliamentary Union, Bureau of. 465 International Development Association: UN Food and Agricultural OrganiAppropriation for United States subzation 465 scription 721 Use of facilities under Act for InterEconomic development assistance pronational Development of 1961 427 gram, assignment of personnel to.. 452 Indus Basin Development, program 433 International Development of 1961, Act for 424 Inter-American Children's Institute, Agrarian economies, assistance to authorization for United States participation, extension 784 countries having 434 Contingency Fund 434 Inter-American Development Bank, appropriation for United States subDevelopment assistance— scription 721 Development Loan Committee, establishment 427 International Boundary and Water Commission, United States and Development Loan Fund, establishMexico, appropriation for 39,547 ment; repeal of former provisions International Development Associaregarding 426, 445, 460 tion— Development research 433 Appropriation for United States subGrants and technical cooperation 427 scription 721 Investment guaranties 429 Use of facilities under Act for InterSurveys of investment opportunities. 432 national Development of 1961. _ 427 International organizations and proInternational educational exchange acgrams— tivities, appropriation for 39,549 Indus Basin Development, program. 433 UN Expanded Program of Technical International Finance Corporation, authorization to make capital stock Assistance, contribution 433 investments 413 UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in Near East, International fisheries commissions, approgram 433 propriation for 39, 549 Voluntary contributions on grant International tariff negotiations, approbasis 433 priation for 547 Supporting assistance 434 Interparliamentary Union, Bureau of, International Educational and Cultural United States contributions, inAffairs, United States Advisory Comcrease authorized 465 mission on, evaluation of aid proInvestigation of United States citizens grams; reports 532 for employment, funds for 24, 344 International Educational Exchange ActiviMissions to, appropriation for 39, ties, appropriation for 39, 549 195, 546, 745 International Finance Corporation Act, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Amendment, capital stock investUnited States Citizens Commisments under, authorized 413 sion— International Fisheries Commissions, appropriation for 547, 745 propriation for 39, 649 Time extension 242 International Health Research Act of 1960, Permanent International Association of appropriation for effecting provisions. 606 Navigation Congresses, appropriation for expenses of meeting 724 International Joint Commission, United States and Canada, appropriation for. 548 International Peace and Security Act of 1961 434 International Labor Affairs, Bureau of, Military assistance 435 appropriation for 589