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[75 Stat. 1218]
[75 Stat. 1218]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



President of the United States—Con. ^•^^^ President of the United States—Con. ^'^^^ Appointments by, with advice and Former— Continued consent of Senate—Continued Eisenhower, Dwight D., appointment Development Loan Committee, to active list of Regular Army__ 5 officers 427 Woodrow Wilson Memorial CommisEconomic assistance, officers for sion, membership 783 administration of 447 Funds appropriated to — Farmers H o m e Administrator 312 Administrative expenses 717 Inspector General, Foreign AssistContingency fund 717 ance, Department of State 447 Development assistance 717 International Educational and CulDevelopment Loan F u n d 23 tural Affairs, U.S. Advisory ComDisaster relief 343, 738 mission on, members 532, 533 Economic assistance 717 Labor, Department of, additional Emergency fund, national defense 270 assistant secretary 338 Inter-American cooperation 86 Peace Corps, Director, and Deputy International organizations and proDirector 612 grams 717 United States Arms Control and DisM a n a g e m e n t improvement 270 a r m a m e n t Agency, certain offiMilitary assistance 717 cers and Advisory Committee 632 M u t u a l security program 23, 34 United States Travel Service, D e part Peace Corps Act 721 m e n t of Commerce, director 130 Special International Program 23 Area Redevelopment F u n d, issuance of Supporting assistance 717 notes, approval 54 Surveys of investment opportunities_ 717 Arms Control and D i s a r m a m e n t Act 631 G r e a t Lakes Pilotage Act of 1960, Assistants to, compensation 794 designation of restricted waters 1003 Atomic Energy Act of 1954, amendment International Development of 1961, of provisions respecting security Act for 424 clearances under 476 Atoms for Peace program, funds Budget, Bureau of the. See separate available 428 title. Contingency F u n d 434 Caribbean Organization, authorization Development Loan F u n d, establishfor acceptance by the United States m e n t; repeal of former proviof agreement for establishment of194 sions regarding 426, 445, 460 Civil and Defense Mobilization, Office Military assistance 435 of. See separate title. West Berlin, United States obligaClassification Act of 1949, amendment, tions in, special authorities 444 supergrades available for allocaL a b o r - M a n a g e m e n t Policy, President's tion, approval by 786 Advisory Committee on, appropriation for 22, 269 Compensation, appropriation for 268 Mass transportation demonstration Contracts with United States, authoriprojects, approval of certain grants_ 166 zation to waive requirements of M u t u a l Education a l and Cultural E x examination of records 109 change Act of 1961, delegations of Defense Department appropriations, authority under; t r a n s m i t t a l to etc., for military functions, exempCongress; reports to Congress 527, tion authority 377 529, 534 Economic Advisers, Council of, approM u t u a l security program, famine relief priation for 34, 269, 738 to needy people, continuance 211 Executive mansion and grounds, a p National Aeronautics and Space Counpropriation for 269, 738 cilExecutive office, appropriation for 22, Appropriation for 342, 738 34, 268, 342, 738 Establishment within Executive Federal National Mortgage Association, Office 46 mortgage purchase authority, limiN a t i o n a l Security Council, appropriatation 175 tion for ' 34, 269 Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 424 Naval vessels, loans to friendly foreign Former— countries, authorization 815 Appropriation for allowances and ofPapers of, microfilming, removal of cerfice facilities 352 tain liabilities 544