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[75 Stat. 1219]
[75 Stat. 1219]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



^^^^ Proclamations: Agriculture, Department of, centennial 612 year 721 Authorization American Education Week, 1961 American P a t e n t System Week Designation 959 Armed Forces D a y Bandelier National Monument, N. Mex., enlargement 242 Cancer Control Month, 1961 Captive Nations Week, 1961 41 Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Monument, Md., establishment_. 667 Child Health D a y, 1961 Citizenship D a y and Constitution Week, 1961 130 Civil War Centennial Columbus D a y, 1960 Columbus Day, 1961 629 C o t to n products, i m p o r t restrictions.— Cuban sugar quota 1000, 66 Drugs, certain, determination as 666 opiates Fire Prevention Week, 1961 Flag D a y, 1961 783 Flag display at United States Marine Corps Memorial, Arlington, Va General Pulaski's Memorial D a y, I 9 6 0 General Pulaski's Memorial D a y, 1961639 Great Lakes Pilotage Act of 1960, designation of restricted waters 269 40, Hammarskjold, Dag, expression of regrets on death of 1041 Homestead Act, centennial of the enactment, authorization 586 34, Human Rights Week, 1960 Immigration quotas 978, 984, 1002, 268 Italy, centennial of the unification President's Advisory Committee on LaborJ a n e A d d a m s Centennial D a y Management Policy, appropriation L and - g r a n t universities and colleges for 22, 269 President's Committee on Employment of centennial the Physically Handicapped: Authorization Appropriation for 589 Law D a y, U.S.A., 1961 Proclamation, 1961 1090 Authorization Pribilof Islands, appropriation for adminLoyalty D a y, 1961 istration 37, 254 M other ' s D a y, 1961 Prince Georges and Charles Counties, National Defense Transportation D a y, Md., land preservation along P o to m a c 1961 "River near Mt. Vernon E s t a t e and National Employ the Physically HandiFort Washington 780 capped Week, 1961 Princess Anne County School Board, Va., National F a r m - C i t y Week, 1961 settlement of claim 520 National F a r m Safety Week, 1961 Printing Act, Amendments, Congressional National Forest Products Week, 1960... Record, Increased Distribution: National Highway Week, 1961 Federal judiciary 202 National Little League Baseball Week Former Members of Congress 5 National M a r i t i m e D a y, 1961 Prison System, Federal. See Federal National Poison Prevention Week, Prison System. authorization Prisons, Bureau of, appropriation for 27, 553 National Safe Boating Week, 1961 President of the United States—Con. Peace Corps Act Appropriation for effecting provisions President-elect, inauguration, continuation of authority of Joint Committee on Arrangements Proclamations. See separate title. Ready Reserve of the Armed Forces, active d u t y, authorization Reorganization Act of 1949, amendment, r e i n statement Reports to — A t to r n e y General, small business surveys Commerce, Department of, United States Travel Service, semiannual Interior Department, saline water conversion program Labor, Department of, foreign competition, effects on employment s Small Business Administration, annual Woodrow Wilson Memorial Commission Report s to Congress. See under Congress. Reports to, for t r a n s m i t t a l to Congress, a r m s control and d i s a r m a m e n t activities Special projects, appropriation for Sugar, quota for C u b a; proclamations, 1000, White House, preservation of historic and artistic contents White House Office, appropriation for_

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