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[75 Stat. 1221]
[75 Stat. 1221]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961

SUBJECT INDEX Public Health Service—Continued ^^^^ National Institutes of Health Management Fund, operation cost 603 National Library of Medicine, appropriation for 36, 604 Neurology and blindness activities, appropriation for 603 Nursing services and resources, appropriation for 599 Occupational health, appropriation for expenses 600 Radiological health, appropriation for__ 600 Saint Elizabeths Hospital, appropriation for 23, 604, 605 Surgeon General, Office of the, appropriation for 604 TuberculosisAliens, admission to United States 654 Appropriation for control of 36, 599 Venereal diseases, appropriation for control 599 Waste treatment works construction, appropriation for grants 601, 736 Water supply and water pollution control, appropriation for 600, 736 Public Health Service Act: Amendments^— Community facilities and services for health care of aged, expansion... 824 Appropriation for 598, 736 Health research facilities construction program, extension 827 Loans, extension for authorization 826 Nonprofit nursing homes, increase in grants for construction 825 Rehabilitation facilities, requirements for Federal assistance 826 Research, experimental or demonstration hospitals, extension of program 825 Funds for effecting provisions 260, 598-603, 736 Public Housing Administration, appropriation for 35,354,363,741 Public Lands: Alaska— Isolated tracts, sale of 384 Mining claims, filing of 541 Withdrawals for training sites by the Army— Big Delta area 687 Campbell Creek area 671 Fairbanks 682 Fort Richardson 671 Granite Creek area 749 Ladd-Eielson area 686 Hawaii, conveyance to 471 Nevada— Mineral rights, disclaimed by United States 751


Public Lands—Continued ^^^^ Nevada—Continued Nellis Air Force Base, withdrawal of certain lands for defense purposes 672 New Mexico— Enabling Act, sales of lands 85 Pueblo Indians, trust status of certain lands for 500 Public Printer. See Government Printing Office. Public Roads, Bureau of: Appropriation for 32, 275 Commissioner of Public Roads, elimination of position 822 Construction funds, transfer from Interior Department 246 Henry G. Shirley Memorial Highway, and other Pentagon road networli, conveyance of portion to State of Virginia for improvements 670 Public Works, construction by Armed Forces, reports to Congress on costs. _ 99, 102, 108 Public Works Appropriation Act, 1958, Amendment, supergrade positions, repeal of provision respecting 788 Public Works Appropriation Act, 1962 722 Publications for Federal Departments and Agencies, advance payments authorized 211 Puerto Rican Federal Relations Act, Amendment, debt limitation deleted. 245 Puerto Rico: Agricultural experiment stations, appropriation for 227 Agricultural extension service, appropriation for 228 Agricultural loan provisions applicable to -- 307-312, 318 Area Redevelopment Act, applicability to 63 Congressional Record, distribution of copies to former commissioners from 5 Fair Labor Standards Amendments of 1961, applicability of certain provisions 67, 70 Federal Airport Act, amendment, airport development program, extension 523 Federal Boating Act of 1958, extension of applicability to 408 Social Security Act, amendments, increase in grants to 77, 78, 143 Supreme Court of Puerto Rico, review of judgments and decrees by Supreme Court of United States 417