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[75 Stat. 1224]
[75 Stat. 1224]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



Securities and Exchange Commission: ^^^^ Senate—Continued ^^s* Appropriation for 36, 356, 742 Armed Services Committee, reports Report to Congress on study of rules to—Continued for protection of investors 465 Navy, Department of, public works, Securities Exchange Act of 1934, Amend* construction costs 102 ment, protection of investors, study Chaplain, appropriation for_ 320 of rules pertaining to 465 Committee employees, appropriation Selective Service A^eal Board, National, for 321 appropriation for 356 Committee on Interior and Insular Selective Service System, appropriation Affairs, reports to— for 36, 356, 742 Restoration of per capita payments Selective Training and Service Act of 1940, into Indian tribal funds 584 appropriation for eflfecting provisions _ 590 Sale of utility facilities by Bureau of Self-Employment Contributions Act of Indian Affairs 577 1954, Amendment, rate of tax, Communications, appropriation for 323 increase 140 Conference committees, clerical assistSenate. See also Congress; Legislative ance, appropriation for 321 Branch of the Government. Contingent expenses, appropriation for_ 29, Administrative and clerical assistants, 38, 321, 747 appropriation for 321 Finance, Committee on, studies on State taxation of interstate comAdministrative provisions, Appropriamerce 41 tion Act 323 Aeronautical and Space Sciences, ComForeign Relations Committee, reports mittee on, reports to, National by the President— Aeronautics and Space AdministraContingency Fund 434 tion, research, etc 217 Defense articles furnished from stocks of Department of Defense 437 Appointments with advice and consent of. See Appointments by, with Development assistance, agreements427 advice and consent of Senate under Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 455 President of the United States. Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961, delegaAppropriation for 29, 38, 320, 747 tions of authority under 529 Appropriations Committee, reports to— Furniture, appropriation for 322 Atomic Energy Commission 731 Hennings, Thomas C, Jr., payment to Attorney General, alien property acwidow of 29 tivities 551 Inquiries and investigations, appropriaDefense, Department of— tion for 38, 322 Contigencies, disbursements 371 Joint committees, congressional. See Foreign countries, use of real propseparate title. erty commodities, etc 379 Legislative Counsel, Office of the, apMilitary supplies, disbursements propriation for 38, 321 from disposal of 377 Mail transportation, appropriation for. _ 323 Missile or satellite program, transMajority and Minority, Offices of Secrefer of funds for 380 taries for, appropriation for 321 National security, transfer of funds Majority and minority leaders— for 381 Automobiles, appropriation for 38 Foreign assistance program

. 718, 719

Expense allowance, appropriation President of the United States— for 320, 322 Contingency Fund 434 Majority and Minority Whips, apDefense articles furnished from propriation for 29, 321 stocks of Department of DeMembers, former, distribution of copies fense 437 of Congressional Record to 5 Development assistance, agreeMileage expenses, appropriation for— 320 ments 427 Office buildings, appropriation for. 39, 323, 330 Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 455 Officers and employees^compensation of, Armed Services Committee, reports appropriation for 320 toOfficial Reporters of Debates, appropriaAir Force, Department of, public tion for 321 works, construction costs 108 Official trips to home states by Senators' Army, Department, of public works, employees, increase authorized 29 construction costs 99