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[75 Stat. 1228]
[75 Stat. 1228]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



Surplus Property Act of 1944: Amendments— Conveyance of surplus land for historic-monument purposes, removal of restriction Education, scholarships for United States nationals in American Samoa Repeal of certain provisions Funds for effecting provisions Susanville, Calif., land conveyances to city Swine, hog cholera, eradication program - -

Page Taxes—Continued ^^^ Excise taxes—Continued Perfumes, imported, tax extension 193 Sugar, termination and refund 40 211 Telephone service, general, extension of termination date of tax 193 Tires and tubes, increase, etc 124, 127 390 Transportation of persons, extension 538 of tax r a t e 193 549 Trucks and buses, extension 126 Wines, tax extension 193 267 Identifying n u m b e r s for taxpayers 828 481 Income tax e s — Corporate normal-tax rate, extension. 193 Depletion allowance, clays and shale _ 674 Tariff Act of 1930, Amendments: Foreign central b a n k s, exemptions 64 Cashmere goat hair, d u t y rate, reducIdentifying numbers for tax p a y e r s. _ 828 tion 121 Insurance companies, m u t u a l, tax r a t e Duty-free entries. See under I m p o r t s. extension 193 Non-residents, duty-free exemptions 541 Membership organizations, prepaid Returning residents from abroad, t e m dues income, m e t h o d of accounting. 222 porary reduction in duty-free Nonresident aliens participating in allowance 335 certain exchange or training proTariff Commission, United States, apprograms, t r e a t m e n t. 535-537 priation for 36, 281 Peace Corps allowances, e x e m p t i o n.. 625 Tax Court of the United States: Pension funds, exemptions as qualified Appropriation for 36, 398 trusts— Judges, annuities to widows and deComposition Roofers, D a m p and pendent children of 796 Waterproof Workers AssociaTax Rate Extension Act of 1961 193 tion, Local Union N o. 8, N. Y. 121 Tax Stamps, fraudulent State, t r a n s p o r t a P l u m b e r s Union Local N o. 12, Bostion in interstate and foreign comton, Mass 120 merce 802 Percentage depletion, refractory prodTaxation, State, of interstate commerce, ucts 683 studies 41 Scholarships and fellowship grants, Taxes: exclusion 535 Employment taxes— Self-employment— Credits— Ministers, t i m e extension to elect N o change in 16 coverage. 141 Successor employer 683 R a t e s, increase ^ 140 Employees, rates, increase 141 Employers, rates, increase 141 Small business corporations, elections Federal unemployment tax, t e m p o by shareholders 64 rary increase in rate 16 T e a c h e r s Pay and Personnel Practices Excise taxes. See also individual comAct, Defense Department O v e r s e a s, modities. Amendment, reimbursement obligaBeer, tax extension 193 tion of q u a r t e r s allowances, etc., Cigarettes, tax extension 193 relief 409 Diesel fuels, continuation 123 "Technique of Soviet Propaganda", printDistilled spirits, tax extension 193 ing of additional copies of p u b l i c a t i o n. 962 Floor stocks taxes and refunds 127 Telephone Service, extension of excise tax Gasoline, continuation 123 rate 193 Highway T r u s t F u n d, transfer of Television Contracts, professional sports a m o u n t s equivalent to tax, e t c. _ 128 contests 732 Liqueurs, tax extension 193 Tellico Plains, Tenn., land conveyance to Manufacturers, certain uses of gasocity 410 line, exemption 126 Temporary Extended Railroad UnemployMotor vehicles— ment Insurance Benefits Act of 1961_ 16 R a t e, extension 193 Appropriation for effecting provisions.. 742 Use of, increase 124, 125