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[75 Stat. 1229]
[75 Stat. 1229]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



^'^^^ Temporary Extended Unemployment ^^^^ Transportation—Continued Interstate Commerce Act, amendment, Compensation Act of 1961 8 delegation of certain duties lio Unemployment Trust Fund, appropriaemployee boards 517 tion for 592 Mass transportation— Tennessee: Demonstration projects, grant authorKnoxville Housing Authority, land conization 166 veyance to James White's Fort AsFacilities, loans 173 sociation 171 National Capital Transportation Meriwether Lewis National MonuAgency— ment, included in Natchez Trace Appropriation for..261, 742 Parkway 335 Land acquisition for development of Tellico Plains, Ian d conveyance to city - _ 410 future express highways, authorTennessee Valley Authority, appropriation ization 776 for 145, 412, 731 Supergrade positions, repeal of proTerritories, Office of, appropriation for.. 27, vision respecting 787 37, 250, 744 National Transportation Week, 1961— Texas: Designation 79 Fort Davis National Historic Site, Proclamation 1062 establishment 488 Freeport Harbor project, local requirePersons, extension of excise tax rate 193 ments revoked-823 Vessels. See separate title. Travel Expense Act of 1949, Amendments, Kerrville, acquisition of land for agriofficers and employees, per diem, cultural research laboratory 226 Marshall Division of Eastern District, mileage allowance increase, etc 339, 340 Court for, redesignation of Jefferson Treasury, Department of the: Division as 772 Accounts, Bureau of, appropriation for _ 31, Reservoir projects, time extension for 39, 393 land reconveyance to former Appropriation Act, 1962 393 owners 814 Appropriation for 31, United States Study Commission, ap39, 144, 195, 393, 721, 746 propriation for 731 Area Redevelopment Advisory Policy Thanksgiving Day, 1960, proclamation 995 Board, membership 48 Thatcher Ferry Bridge, designation of Area Redevelopment Fund, establishPanama Canal Bridge as 279 ment 54 Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial Coast Guard. See separate title. Park, N. Dak., provision for water Currency— supply and sewage disposal facilities-- 423 Destroyed or irretrievably lost 147 Third Supplemental Appropriation Act, Historical collection of each design of 1961 , 20 United States paper 147 Tires, Tubes, Etc., increase in excise tax.. 124 Customs, Bureau of— Tobacco: Appropriation for 39, 393, 746 Acreage allotments, transfer by lease Commissioner of, compensation.- 792,794 within county 469 Manifests of cargo, elimination of Philippine quotas 92 oath requirement 419 Togo, immigration quota, proclamation.978 Oil Pollution Act, 1961, enforcement Trademarks, gold or silver articles, identiof provisions under 403 fication by 775 Disbursement, Division of, appropriaTrading With the Enemy Act, appropriation for 31 tion for effecting provisions 550 Documentation of United States vessels Transportation: sold abroad, regulations 392 Aircraft— Federal extended compensation account, Claims resulting from accidents, appropriation for payment to 592 vance payments 488 Federal Farm Mortgage Corporation, False information, penalty for imparttransfer of assets to 773 ing 751 Federal Reserve notes, transfer, rePiracy, application of Federal crimidemption 146 nal law to 466 Gold certificates and silver, transfer to Firearms, penalties for certain persons general fund 146 under indictment 757 Guard force, appropriation for 394