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[75 Stat. 1231]
[75 Stat. 1231]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



United Nations Relief and Works Agency ^'^^^ United States Soldiers' Home, appropria- ^^^^ for Palestine Refugees in Near East, tion for 33, 610 program 433 United States Study Commissions: United States Advisory Commission on Southeast River Basins, appropriation Educational Exchange, replacement.. 532 for 145,412,731 United States Arms Control and DisTexas, appropriation for 36, 145, 412, 731 armament Agency: United States Tariff Commission, approEstablishment, etc 632 priation for 36, 281 General Counsel, compensation 794 United States Travel Service, establishPublic Affairs Advisor, compensation, _ 794 ment 130 Scientific and professional positions and Universal Military Training and Service positions of a security nature 790 Act: Supergrade positions, authorization 786 Amendments— United States Attorneys, appropriation Remployment rights 821 for 551 Reserve components, deferments and United States Code: exemption 807 [NOTE: For amendments and repeals of sections in positive law titles, see Table 6 in "Laws Affected in Appropriation for effecting provisions. 356, 590 Volume 75", preceding this Index.] Upper Colorado River Basin Fund, approAppropriation for new edition 327 priation for 726 United States Commission on InterUpper Volta, immigration quota, proclamational Educational and Cultural mation 979 Affairs, establishment. _ 532 Urban Development, Federal grants for United States Constitution One Hundred open-space land under Housing Act and Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Comof 1961 183-185 mission, report to Congress, extension 78 Utah: Cache National Forest, appropriation United States Disarmament Administrafor acquisition of land 258 tion, transfer of functions to United Cedar Breaks National Monument, and States Arms Control and DisarmaDixie National Forest, land exment Agency 639 changes 198 United States Foreign Policy, compilation of studies, printing of additional V copies 960 United States Housing Act of 1937. See Venereal Diseases, appropriation for conunder Housing. trol 599 United States Information Agency: Vessels. See also Maritime Activities Appropriation Act, 1962 556 under Commerce, Department of. Appropriation for 36, 556, 743 Acadia, owned by Robert J. Davis, United States Information and Educadocumentation as a vessel of the tional Exchange Act of 1948: United States 492 Amendments— American-flag vessels— Advisory committees, travel expense, Construction and maintenance 565 allowance increase 341 Passenger, off-season cruises 89 Repeal of certain provisions 538 Canadian, transportation betweesn Funds for effecting provisions. 549 Alaskan ports 196 United States Marine Corps Memorial, Capital reserve funds, use of 570 Arlington, Va., flag display 1068 Construction and conversion, authorilinited States Marshals: zation 494 Appropriation for 551 Appropriation for.372 Travel and subsistence expense, allowDocumentation of United States vessels ance increase 340 sold abroad 392 United States Merchant Marine Academy. Federal ship mortgage insurance, preSee Merchant Marine Academy, ferred mortgage status, extension.. 661 United States. Fishing— United States Secret Service, appropriaConstruction, appropriation for. _ 254 tion for 31, 39, 195, 394 Inspection, exemption from 410 U.S.S. Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, Foreign-flag vessels, authority to land construction, appropriation authorcatches^ of fresh fish in the Virgin ized 470 Islands 493 Appropriation for 735