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[75 Stat. 1232]
[75 Stat. 1232]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



Vessels—Continued ^^^ Great Lakes Pilotage Act of 1960, designation of restricted waters by the President 1003 Manifests of cargo, elimination of oath requirement 419 Naval, loan to friendly foreign countries; extension of existing loans 815 Obsolete, trade-in allowance for new vessels 833 Ocean Freight forwarders, licensing 522 Operating-differential subsidies— Appropriation for 273 Increase 513 Shipping, ocean transportation of goods purchased for foreign aid. 439 Transfer between Government agencies, authorization 378 Veterans. See also Veterans Administration. Deceased, burial benefits 218 Dependency and indemnity compensation, increase 566 Discharge from active duty, effective time 219 Indian Wars, outpatient and dental treatment for veterans of 806 Insurance— Appropriation for 358 Special dividends, authorization 495 Korean, naturalization privileges 653 Medal-of-Honor holders, pension increase 338 Mexican border service, deceased veteran, burial flag 512 Pensions, non-service connected disability 218 Philippines, Republic of the, appropriation for grants to 358 Unemployment compensation, appropriation for payments 592 Veterans' Appeals, Board of, decisions set forth in writing 215 Widows, increase dependency and indemnity compensation 566 Veterans Administration. See also Veterans. Appropriation for 26, 36, 357 Dairy products, availability 319 General operating expenses, appropriation for 26 Guaranteed and direct home loan program, extension; additional funds.. 201 Hospitals and domiciliary facilities, appropriation for 358 Inpatient care, appropriation for 26 Loan Guaranty Revolving Fund, appropriation for 358 Medical care and operating expenses 357

Veterans Administration—Continued ^*^® National Service Life Insurance, special dividends, authority 495 Publications for Federal departments and agencies, advance payment 211 Readjustment benefits, appropriation for 358 Revolving supply fund, to be used for repair and reclamation of personal property 675 Security guard services, reimbursement of General Services Administration 357 Supply Fund, appropriation for 358 Veterans' Remployment Rights, Bureau of, appropriation for 38, 590 Vice President of the United States. See also President of the Senate under Senate. Automobile, appropriation for.. 322 Compensation and expenses, appropriation for 320 National Aeronautics and Space Council, chairman 46 Oaths administered by 743 Virgin Islands: Agricultural loan provisions applicable to 307-312, 318 Area Redevelopment Act, applicability to 63 Duty-free allowances on purchases from 335 Fair Labor Standards Amendments of 1961, applicability of certain provisions 67, 70 Federal Airport Act, amendment, airport development program, extension 523 Federal Boating Act of 1958, extension of applicability to 408 Foreign-flag vessels, authority to land catches of fresh fish 493 Purchases through General Services Administration, authority 250 Social Security Act, amendments, increase in grants to 77, 78, 143 Unemployment compensation, temporary extension 12 Virgin Islands Corporation, appropriation for 263 Virgin Islands Corporation Act, Amendment, borrowing authority, increase. _ 812 Virginia: Blue Ridge Parkway, land transfer to Shenandoah National Park 192 Henry G. Shirley Memorial Highway, and other Pentagon road network, conveyance of portion to State for improvements 670