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[75 Stat. 630]
[75 Stat. 630]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961


PUBLIC LAW 87-296-SEPT. 22, 1961

[75 S T A T.

been undertaken pursuant to this Act; and (c) to finance, for not more than three years beyond the end of said period, such activities as are required to correlate, coordinate, and round out the results of studies and research undertaken pursuant to this Act: Provided, That funds available in any one year for research and development may, subject to the approval of the Secretary of State to assure that such activities are consistent with the foreign policy objectives of the United States, be expended in cooperation with public or private agencies in foreign countries in the development of processes useful foSgnTgencilLs!^ ^^ ^^® program in the United States: Arid provided further, That every such contract or agreement made with any public or private agency in a foreign country shall contain provisions effective to insure that the results or information developed in connection therewith shall be available without cost to the United States for the use of the United States throughout the world and for the use of the general public within the United States." SEC. 2. Section 4 of the joint resolution of September 2, 1958 (72 Stat. 1707; 42 U.S.C. 1958 (d)), is hereby amended to read: lantr""^"^"""" "The authority of the Secretary of the Interior under this joint Teminationof resolution to coustruct, Operate, and maintain demonstration plants authority. sh^U terminate upon the expiration of twelve years after the date on which this joint resolution is approved. Upon the expiration of a period deemed adequate for demonstration purposes for each plant, but not to exceed such twelve-year period, the Secretary shall proceed as promptly as practicable to dispose of any plants so constructed by sale to the highest bidder, or as may otherwise be directed by Act of Congress. Upon such sale, there shall be returned to any State or public agency which has contributed financial assistance under section 3 of this joint resolution a proper share of the net proceeds of the sale." Approved September 22, 1961.

Public Law 87-296 September 22, 1961



To further amend Reorganization Plan Numbered 1 of 1958, as amended, in order to change the name of the office established under such plan, and for other purposes.

'Be it enacted by the Seriate and House of Representatives of the n"^"ia° n-^"*'" ^^*^^^ Statss of America in Congress assembled, That Reorganization Tousc appV2^27i Plan Numbered 1 of 1958, as amended, is further amended by striking "°**out "Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization" wherever appearing therein and inserting in lieu thereof "Office of Emergency Planning". SEC. 2. Any reference in any other law to the Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization shall, after the date of this Act, be deemed to refer to the Office of Emergency Planning. Approved September 22, 1961.