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[75 Stat. 32]
[75 Stat. 32]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961


PUBLIC LAW 87-14-MAR. 31, 1961

[75 S T A T.

Foreign Agricultural Service: "Salaries and expenses", $232,000; Commodity Exchange Authority: "Salaries and expenses", $50,000; Commodity Stabilization Service: "Acreage allotments and marketing quotas", $3,463,000; Federal Crop Insurance Corporation: "Operating and administrative expenses", $185,000; Rural Electrification Administration: "Salaries and expenses", $392,000; Farmers Home Administration: "Salaries and expenses", $1,967,000; Office of the General Counsel: "Salaries and expenses", $192,000; Office of the Secretary: "Salaries and expenses", $181,000; Office of Information: "Salaries and expenses", $60,000; Library: "Salaries and expenses", $56,000; DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE

General administration: "Salaries and expenses", $170,000; Office of Field Services: "Salaries and expenses", $184,000; l^ureau of the Census: "Salaries and expenses", $523,000; "Eighteenth Decennial Census", $1,194,000, to remain available until December 31, 1962; "1962 Census of Governments", $6,000, to remain available untilJune30, 1964; "1958 censuses of business, manufactures, and mineral industries", $121,000, to remain available until December 31, 1961; Coast and Geodetic Survey: "Salaries and expenses", $607,000; Business and Defense Services Administration: "Salaries and expenses", $284,000; _ Bureau of Foreign Commerce: "Salaries and expenses", $203,000; Office of Business Economics: "Salaries and expenses", $102,000; Maritime activities: "Salaries and expenses", $648,000: "Administrative expenses" ($558,000); "Maintenance of shipyard facilities and operation of warehouses" ($31,000); "Reserve fleet expenses" ($59,000); "Maritime training", $21,000; Patent Office: "Salaries and expenses", $1,315,000; Bureau of Public Roads: "Limitation on general administrative expenses" (increase of $1,843,500 on the amount available for administration and research); National Bureau of Standards: "Research and technical services", $953,000; Weather Bureau: "Salaries and expenses", $2,573,000; "Research and development", $184,000; DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE—^]VIILITAKY

Operation and maintenance: "Operation and maintenance. Marine Corps", $2,039,000; "Operation and maintenance, Army National Guard", $4,315,000;