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[75 Stat. 33]
[75 Stat. 33]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961

75 S T A T. ]

PUBLIC LAW 8 7 - 1 4 - M A R. 31, 1961


"Operation and maintenance, Air National Guard", $2,190,000; "Operation and maintenance, Alaska Communication System", $280,000; "Salaries and expenses. Secretary of Defense", $875,000; Research, development, test, and evaluation: "Research, development, test, and evaluation, Army", $12,000,000; DEPART3IENT OF DEFENSE—CIVIL

Department of the Army: Rivers and harbors and flood control: "Operation and maintenance, general", $3,800,000, to remain available until expended; "General expenses", $780,000; United States Soldiers' Home: "Limitation on operation and maintenance and capital outlay" (increase of $235,000 in the amount to be paid from the Soldiers' Home permanent f u n d); "Ryukyu Islands, administration", $89,000; DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA

(Out of District of Columbia funds) Operating expenses: "Executive office", $27,000; "Department of General Administration", $322,000, of which $3,000 shall be payable from the motor vehicle parking fund; "Office of Corporation Counsel", $50,000; "Public schools", $2,420,000; "Public Library", $114,000; "Recreation Department", $111,000; "Metropolitan Police", $1,089,000; "Fire Department", $732,000; "Department of Veterans Affairs", $7,000; "Department of Vocational Rehabilitation", $21,000; "Courts", $233,000; "Department of Corrections", $289,000; "Department of Public Welfare", $544,000; "Department of Buildings and Grounds", $64,000: "Department of Licenses and Inspections", $128,000; "Department of Higliways and Traffic", $100,000, of which $71,300 shall be payable from the highway fund; "Department of Motor Vehicles", $71,000 (payable from the highway fund); "Motor Vehicle Parking Agency", $6,000 (payable from the motor vehicle parking fund); "Department of Sanitary Engineering", $302,000, of which $89,300 shall be payable from the water fund and $56,100 shall be payable from the sanitary sewage works fund; "Washington Aqueduct", $50,000 (payable from the water fund); "National Guard", $9,000; "National Capital Parks", $126,000; "National Zoological Park", $36,000. DIVISIOX OF E X P E N S E S

The sums appropriated in this title for the District of Columbia shall, unless otherwise specifically provided for, be paid out of the general fund of the District of Columbia, as defined in the District of Columbia Appropriation Act, 1961.

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