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[75 Stat. 699]
[75 Stat. 699]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961

75 S T A T. ]

PUBLIC LAW 8 7 - 3 2 8 - S E P T. 27, 1961

conditions, in accordance with the intent and purpose expressed in Section 1.5 of this compact. 8.3 Operation and Maintenance. The commission, within limits prescribed by this article, shall: (a) Encourage activities of other public agencies having water related recreational interests and assist in the coordination thereof; (b) Recommend standards for the development and administration of water related recreational facilities; (c) Provide for the administration, operation and maintenance of recreational facilities owned or controlled by the commission and for the letting and supervision of private concessions in accordance with this article. 8.4 Concessions. The commission shall after notice and public hearing provide by regulation for the award of contracts for private concessions in connection with recreational facilities, including any renewal or extension thereof, upon sealed competitive bids after public advertisement therefor. ARTICLE 9 HYDROELECTRIC POWER

Section 9.1 Development. The waters of the Delaware River and its tributaries may be impounded and used by or under authority of the commission for the generation of hydroelectric power and hydroelectric energy, in accordance with the comprehensive plan. 9.2 Power Generation. The commission may develop and operate, or authorize to be developed and operated, dams and related facilities and appurtenances for the purpose of generating hydroelectric power and hydroelectric energy. 9.3 Transmission. The commission may provide facilities for the transmission of hydroelectric power and hydroelectric energy produced by it where such facilities are not otherwise available upon reasonable terms, for the purpose of wholesale marketing of power and nothing herein shall be construed to authorize the commission to engage in the business of direct sale to consumers. 9.4 Development Contracts. The commission may after public notice and hearing enter into contracts on reasonable terms, consideration and duration under which public utilities or public agencies may develop hydroelectric power and hydroelectric energy through the use of dams, related facilities and appurtenances. 9.5 Rates and Charges. Rates and charges fixed by the commission for power which is produced by its facilities shall be reasonable, nondiscriminatory, and just. ARTICLE 10 REGULXVTION OF WITHDRAWALS AND DIVERSIONS

Section 10.1 Power of Regulation. The Commission may regulate and control withdrawals and diversions from surface waters and ground waters of the basin, as provided by this article. The commission may enter into agreements with the signatory parties relating to the exercise of such power or regulation or control and may delegate to any of them such powers of the commission as it may deem necessary or desirable. 10.2 Determination of Protected Areas. The commission may from time to time after public hearing upon due notice determine and delineate such areas within the basin wherein the demands upon supply made by water users have developed or threaten to develop to such a degree as to create a water shortage or to impair or conflict with the