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[75 Stat. 51]
[75 Stat. 51]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961

75 S T A T. ]

PUBLIC LAW 87.27-MAY 1, 1961


alleviation of unemployment or underemployment within the redevelopment area wherein it is, or will be, located. (4) No such assistance shall be extended hereunder unless the financial assistance applied for is not otherwise available from private lenders or other Federal agencies on reasonable terms. (5) The Secretary shall not make any loan without a participation unless he determines that the loan cannot be made on a participation basis. (6) No evidences of indebtedness shall be purchased and no loans shall be made unless it is determined that there is a reasonable assurance of repayment. (7) Subject to section 12(5) of this Act, no loan, including p^j^j ^™""' ^°^ renewals or extension thereof, may be made hereunder for a period exceeding twenty-five years and no evidences of indebtedness maturing more than twenty-five years from date of purchase may be purchased hereunder: Provided, That the foregoing restrictions on maturities shall not apply to securities or obligations received by the Secretary as a claimant in bankruptcy or equitable reorganization or as a creditor in other proceedings attendant upon insolvency of the obligor. (8) Loans made and evidences of indebtedness purchased under this section shall bear interest at a rate equal to the rate of interest paid by the Secretary on funds obtained from the Secretary of the Treasury as provided in section 9(a) of this Act, plus one-half of 1 per centum per annum to cover administrative expenses and to provide for losses on loans made and evidences of indebtedness purchased under this section. (9) Such assistance shall not exceed 65 per centum of the aggregate cost to the applicant (excluding all other Federal aid in connection with the undertaking) of acquiring or developing land and facilities (including, in cases of demonstrated need, machinery and equipment), and of constructing, altering, converting, rehabilitating, or enlarging the building or buildings of the particular project, and shall, among others, be on the condition that— (A) other funds are available in an amount which, together with the assistance provided hereunder, shall be sufficient to pay such aggregate cost; (B) not less than 10 per centum of such aggregate cost be supplied by the State or any agency, instrumentality, or political subdivision thereof, or by an Indian tribe or a community or area organization which is nongovernmental in character, as equity capital or as a loan repayable only after the Federal financial assistance extended under this section has been repaid in full according to the terms thereof and, if such a loan is secured, its security shall be subordinate and inferior to the lien or liens securing such Federal financial assistance; (C) in extending financial assistance under this section with respect to a redevelopment area, the Secretary sluili require that not less than 5 per centum of the aggregate cost