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[76 Stat. 1619]
[76 Stat. 1619]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1962

SUBJECT INDEX District of Columbia—Continued Firemen—Continued Salary schedule; service and longevity step adjustments 1239, Survivors' benefits, extension Workweek; p a y; leave Foreign governments, radio t r a n s m i t ters, operation Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, design change or modification F r a t e r n a l beneficial associations, elimination of certain restrictions^ Frederick Douglass H o m e, establishment as part of park system in the National Capital General provisions, Appropriation Act.General Services Administration use of public space for construction Gifts to minors, amendment to make uniform Health and welfare, appropriation for__ Highways and traffic, appropriation for. Hospitals. See District of Columbia under Hospitals. H u n g a r i a n Reformed Federation of America, provision for benefits for members Insurance, credit life, accident and health insurance, r e g u l a t i o n.. Insurance company funds, investment in obligations of Inter-American Development Bank International Monetary F u n d headquarters expansion, acquisition of certain property Life Insurance Act, amendments — Credit unions, group hfe insurance policies, exemption from certain standard provisions Valuation standards, nonforfeiture values, calculation; use of modern mortality tables Veterans' organizations, eligibility for group policies Metropolitan Area Sanitary Sewage Works Fund, Federal contribution and loans to Metropolitan police. See Metropolitan under Police. Motor vehicle learners' permits, fee increase Motor vehicle operators' permits, restoration fees Motor vehicle parking facilities, use of moneys Murder, first and second degree, punishment National Capital Housing Authority, appropriation for 78135 0-63—106

Page District of Columbia—Continued National Fisheries Center and Aquarium, construction, operation, etc.; establishment of Advisory Board 1240 402 National Woman's Relief Corps, Auxili596 ary to the Grand Army of the Republic, incorporation 903 National Zoological Park, appropriation for 1079 Naval Sea Cadet Corps, incorporation. _ Nonprofit Corporation Act 752 Operating expenses, appropriation for 435 1153 385 938 1152 1 ] 52

752 580




711 1131


'^10 742 17 46 731

1619 Page

752, 753

502 351 530 265 210, 1150 1152 636 655

P a r k s and recreation, appropriation for. Partnership Act, Uniform Partnership Act, Uniform Limited Police, Metropolitan. See Metropolitan under Police. P o to m a c interceptor sewerline, appropriation for 1153 Prince William County, Va., sale of property owned by 92 Public Assistance Act of 1962 914 Public Buildings Act of 1959, amendment, limitation of area for public buildings sites, removal 92 Public safety, appropriation for 210, 1151 Public Welfare, Department of— Controller, compensation 1155 Investigators, and supervisors of, compensation 1155 Sanitary engineering, appropriation for. 1152 Taxes— Alcoholic beverages tax, increase 17 Income and franchise taxes, payment. 10 Real estate deed and recordation tax. 11 Sales tax, increase 10 Use tax, increase 10 Teachers— District of Columbia Salary Act of 1955, amendments 1229 Retirement a n n u i t y benefits, increase; future adjustment provisions; extension of survivors benefits for certain students 1235-1238 Transportation of school children a t reduced fares, payment of subsidy to common carriers 113 Unemployment compensation, employer contribution, experience rating period; classification of e m p l o y e r s... _ 633 Uniform Limited Partnership Act 655 Uniform Partnership Act 636 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Regulation Compact, amendments, geographical jurisdiction and transportation covered, extension 764 Water rent rates and sanitary sewer service charges, increase — 17