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[76 Stat. 1620]
[76 Stat. 1620]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1962



District of Columbia Alcoholic Beverage Page Control Act, Amendments: Retailer's license for serving of alcoholic beverages in restaurants 89 Tax rate increase 17 District of Columbia Appropriation Act, 1963 1150 District of Columbia Income and Franchise Tax Act of 1947, Amendment, payment in full 10 District of Columbia Motor Vehicle Parking Facility Act of 1942, Amendments, use of moneys collected under 18 District of Columbia Nonprofit Corporation Act 265 District of Columbia Police and Firemen's Salary Act of 1953, Amendment, computation of p a y 596 District of Columbia Police and Firemen's Salary Act of 1958, Amendments: Fire Marshal aide, reclassification of position 1242 Longevity step increases, limitation..__ 1243 Promotions or transfers, adjustment of compensation 1243 Salary schedule; service and longevity step adjustments 1239, 1240 District of Columbia Public Assistance Act of 1962 914 District of Columbia Public Works Act of 1954, Amendment, water rent rates and sanitary sewer service charges, increase 17 District of Columbia Real Estate Deed Recordation Tax Act 11 District of Columbia Sales Tax Act, Amendments, increase 10 District of Columbia Teachers' Salary Act of 1955, Amendments: Leave provisions, applicability to certain employees 1235 Salary schedules 1229 Summer, evening, and Americanization schools, salary schedules 1234 Titles and classes of positions; assignments, promotions, etc 1231-1234 District of Columbia Tissue Bank Act 534 District of Columbia Traffic Act, 1925, Amendments, motor vehicle learners' and operators' permits, fees 710, 742 District of Columbia Unemployment Compensation Act, Amendments: Dependents weekly benefit a m o u n t; maximum benefit a m o u n t; eligibility 48, 49 Employer contributions— Credits; reserve; voluntary contributions 46-48 Experience rating period; classification of employers 633

District of Columbia Uniform Gifts to Minors Act District of Columbia Use Tax Act, Amendment, increase Doctors, Dentists, and Nurses, Veterans Administration, pay schedules Dominican Republic, sugar quota, proclamation Douglass Home, Frederick, establishment as part of park system of the National Capital Drug Amendments of 1962 Dulles International Airport: Appropriation for Potomac interceptor sewerline, a p p r o priation for

Fagre 938 10 859 1494

435 780 721 1153

E East Columbia Basin Irrigation District, Wash., amend a to r y r e payment contract, authorization 677 Economic Advisers, Council of, appropriation for _. 316 Economic Research Service, appropriation for 1207 Edison National Historic Site, N.J., designation 428 Education. See also Schools and Colleges. American Education Week, 1962, proclamation 1601 American Samoa, application of certain laws extended to 586, 587, 944 Blind. See separate title. DeafAppropriation for expansion of teaching of 368 Captioned films, production and distribution 654 Defense educational activities, appropriation for 367 Mentally and physically retarded— Appropriation for expansion in education of teachers for 368 Schools for, eligibility to receive surplus Government property 805 M u t u a l Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961. See separate title. National Commission on Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Cooperation, appropriation for 1080 National Defense Education Act of 1958— Amendment, scholarship applications, criminal record information; ineligibility of members of registered Communist organizations 1070 Appropriation for grants and loans under 367, 1151 oyi„!---0 cE.