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-546§4943. Actions triable in magistrate's court If an action against a corporation is triable in a magistrate's court, the same proceedings shall be had as in the case of a natural person. If the corporation fails to appear at the trial, the magistrate shall enter a plea of not guilty. § 4944. Collection of fine When a fine is imposed upon a corporation on conviction, it may be collected by virtue of the order imposing it, by the proper officer of the court, out of the real and personal property of the corporation, in the same manner as upon an execution in a civil action. CHAPTER 237—CRIMINAL EXTRADITION A N D REMOVAL SUBCHAPTER I

Sec. 4981. 4982. 4983. 4984. 4985.


Application of extradition laws and treaties of United States. Arrest and removal to or from the Canal Zone. Payment of expenses. Limitation on compensation, fee, or reward. Rewards for apprehension of fugitives. SUBCHAPTER II

5021. 5022. 5023. 5024. 5025. 5026. 5027. 5028. 5029. 5030. 5031. 5032. 5033. 5034. 5035. 5036. 5037. 5038. 5039. 5040. 5041. 5042. 5043. 5044. 5045. 5046. 5047. 5048. 5049. 5050.


Definitions. Fugitives from justice; duty of Governor. Form of demand. Governor may investigate case. Extradition of persons imprisoned or awaiting trial in another state or who left the demanding state under compulsion. Extradition of persons not present in demanding state at time of commission of crime. Issue of Governor's warrant of arrest; its recitals. Manner and place of execution. Authority of arresting oflBcer. Rights of accused person; application for writ of habeas corpus. Penalty for non-compliance with preceding section. Confinement in jail when necessary. Arrest prior to requisition. Arrest without a warrant. Commitment to await requisition; bail. Bail; in what cases; conditions of bond. Extension of time of commitment; adjournment. ' ' Forfeiture of ball. Persons under criminal prosecution in Canal Zone at time of requisition. Guilt or innocence of accused, when inquired into. Governor may recall warrant or issue alias. Fugitives from Canal Zone; duty of Governor. Application for issuance of requisition; by whom made; contents. Costs and expenses. Immunity from service of process in certain civil actions. Written waiver of extradition proceedings. Non-waiver by Canal Zone. No right of asylum; no immunity from other criminal prosecutions. Uniformity of interpretation. Short title.


5081. 5082. 5083. 5084. ,5085. .5086. 5087. 5088. 5089. 5090. 5091. 5092.

Delivery to Panama of offenders who seek refuge in Canal Zone. Discretion as to delivery of citizen of United States. Person under accusation or sentence in Canal Zone. Prosecution for graver offense. Form of demand for arrest and delivery. Telegraphic request for detention. Procedure for arrest and detention. Term of detention. Authority of agents of Panama receiving fugitive in Canal Zone. Duty of Canal Zone authorities to facilitate return of fugitive. Delivery of objects found in fugitive's possession. Expense of capture, detention and transportation of fugitive.