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-641who is willing to act, and who would be entitled to participate in the distribution of the missing person's estate if he were dead. § 2505. Trustee's bond A trustee appointed pursuant to this chapter shall give bond in the amount and as provided for by section 1371 of this title. § 2506. Trustee's powers and duties; family allowance (a) The trustee shall take possession of the real and personal estate in the Canal Zone of the missing person, and collect and receive the rents, income, and proceeds thereof, collect all indebtedness owing to him, and pay the expenses thereof out of the trust funds, and pay such indebtedness of the missing person as may be authorized by the court. (b) The court may direct the trustee to pay to the persons constituting the family of the missing person such sums of money for family expenses and support from the income of the estate as it may, from time to time, determine. § 2507. Accounting by trustee; removal From time to time when directed by the court, the trustee shall account to and with the court for all his acts as trustee. At any time, upon good cause shown, the court may remove the trustee and appoint another in his place. § 2508. Sale or encumbrance of property; petition; order The trustee may sell any or all of the personal or real property or mortgage any of the personal property of the missing person when it is considered by the court as being to the best interest of the estate and of all parties concerned including the heirs at law or legatees, and for that purpose shall file a petition with the court asking for an order directing and authorizing the sale or mortgage. § 2509. Same; notice of hearing The petition shall be set for hearing not sooner than 10 days after the filing of the petition and notice thereof shall be given by the clerk of the court by posting a notice at the place where the court is held. Notice shall also be given by registered or certified mail to each of the persons who would be heirs at law of the missing person, if he were dead, and, if it appears that the missing person left a will, to each legatee mentioned therein, at their respective places of address, a return card being requested with each notice. If the address of a person is unknown the notice shall be sent by registered or certified mail addressed to the person at the post office of the place where the proceedings are pending, and an affidavit of the trustee filed showing that the address is unknown, and stating what efforts he has made to learn it. § 2510. Same; hearing; order On the day of hearing the petition, proof shall be offered in behalf thereof showing the reasons for the making of the sale or mortgage. If the court finds that it will be for the best interests of all persons concerned in the estate of the missing person to have the sale or mortgage made, it shall order the trustee to sell any or all the property, real, personal, or both, or to mortgage any of the personal property, in the manner provided by this title for sales or mortgages of property of deceased persons. All the provisions of law regarding a sale or mortgage of property of deceased persons govern the sale or mortgage of property of missing persons under this section, including the provisions concerning confirmation of the sales by the court; except that a sale of real property may not take place before the expiration of eight months from the date of the appointment and qualification of the trustee.