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-642§ 2511. Return of missing person; accounting I n the event the missing person returns, the court, upon his application or upon its own motion, shall require the trustee to render and file a verified account of the administration of the trust, and sections 18511864 of this title apply to the accounting. § 2512. Same; delivery of property Upon the settling of the account of the trustee the court shall order the property of the missing person remaining in the hands of the trustee to be delivered to the owner thereof. §2513. Delivery by trustee to executor or administrator after seven years If, during the existence of a trust provided for in this chapter, administration of the estate of the missing person is had pursuant to chapter 103 of this title, the court shall require an accounting as provided by section 2511 of this title and shall order the property of the missing person remaining in the hands of the trustee to be delivered to the administrator or executor of the estate. CHAPTER 103—ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES OF PERSONS MISSING OVER SEVEN YEARS Sec.

2541. 2542. 2543. 2544. 2545. 2546. 2547. 2548. 2549. 2550. 2551. 2552. 2553. 2554. 2555.

Missing person defined; administration as thougli dead. Jurisdiction; title of proceedings. Petition; date of hearing. Notice of hearing; publication; mailing. Hearing; appointment of executor or administrator; findings. Suspension of disposition; exceptions. Suspension of distribution; bond of distributee. Claim to be missing person; petition; issue of identity. Same; contents of petition. Vacation of administration proceedings; delivery of property to claimant. Determination of death; petition; order. Conclusive presumption of death; final distribution. ^ ^ Limitation of actions. Property and estates governed by chapter. Manner of administration and distribution of estate.

§ 2541. Missing person defined; administration as though dead When a person owning property in the Canal Zone has been absent from his last known place of residence for the continuous period of seven years, with his whereabouts for that period unknown to the persons most likely to know thereof, he shall be deemed to be a missing person, and all his property in the Canal Zone may be administered, as thousrh he were dead, in the same manner as provided for the administration of deceased persons by this title, subject to the conditions, restrictions and limitations prescribed by this chapter. § 2542. Jurisdiction; title of proceedings (a) If the missing person was a resident of the Canal Zone at the time of his disappearance, the division of the district court of his residence has jurisdiction in the premises; if he was a nonresident, the division where any of his property is located has jurisdiction. (b) Proceedings commenced and prosecuted under this chapter shall be entitled in the court, and " I n the matter of the estate of , a missing person." § 2543. Petition; date of hearing (a) When a verified petition is presented by the spouse or any of the family or friends of a missing person, representing that his whereabouts has been for a period of seven years and still is un-