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-662(1) filing of the return of sales of any property of the ward's estate; (2) filing of accounts; (3) filing of application for removal of any property of the ward's estate to a foreign jurisdiction; (4) filing of petitions for partition of any property of the ward's estate; (5) proceedings for removal, suspension or discharge of the guardian, or final determination of the guardianship. (b) Thereafter a brief notice of the filing of any such petitions, applications, accounts, or proceedings, except petitions for sale of perishable property, or other personal property which will incur expense or loss by keeping, shall be addressed to the relative, or his attorney, at his stated post-office address, and deposited in the post office, within two days after the filing of the petition, account, application, or the commencement of the proceedings; or personal service of the notice may be made on the relative, or his attorney, within two days, and the personal service shall be equivalent to deposit in the post office. Proof of mailing or of personal service shall be filed with the clerk before the hearing of the matter. (c) If upon the hearing it appears to the satisfaction of the court that the notice has been regularly given, the court shall so find in its order or judgment, and the judgment shall be final and conclusive upon all persons. § 3242. United States as party; notice; actions on bonds; exceptions to accounts When compensation, pension, insurance, or other allowance is made or awarded to minor or incompetent persons for whom guardians have been appointed, or to their estates, by the United States Government or a department or agency thereof, the department or agency making or awarding the compensation, pension, insurance, or allowance shall have the same right as provided in this title for interested parties and relatives to: (1) request notice of proceedings; (2^ commence and prosecute actions on guardians' bonds; (3) petition the court for appointment or removal of guardians of minor or incompetent persons; and (4) file exceptions in writing to guardians' accounts and contest the accounts. § 3243. Order appointing guardians; entry and filing An order appointing a guardian becomes a decree of the court and shall be entered at l e n ^ h in the records of the court, or shall be signed by the judge and filed. § 3244. Procedure generally Part 3 of this title, relating to the estates of decedents, as far as they relate to the practice in the district court, applies to proceedings under this Part. § 3245. Guardians ad litem This Part does not affect or impair the power of the court to appoint a guardian ad litem to defend the interests of a minor or incompetent person interested in a suit or matter pending therein.