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G. H. J. K.

- Abrasives and abrasive articles - Gems, gemstones, and articles thereof; industrial diamonds - Miscellaneous nonmetallic minerals and products - Nonmetallic minerals and products not specially provided for Part 2. - Ceramic products A. - Refractory and heat-insulating articles B. - Ceramic construction articles C. - Table, kitchen, household, art and ornamental pottery D. - Industrial ceramics E. - Ceramic articles not specially provided for Part 3. - Glass and glass products A. - Glass in the mass; glass in balls, tubes, rods, and certain other forms; foam glass; optical glass; and glass fibers and products thereof B. - Flat glass and products thereof C. - Glassware and other glass products D. - Glass articles not specially provided for SCHEDULE 6. - METALS AND METAL PRODUCTS Part 1. - Metal-bearing ores and other metal-bearing materials Part 2. - Metals, their alloys, and their basic shapes and forms A. - Precious metals B. - Iron or steel C. - Copper D. - Aluminum E. - Nickel F. - Tin G. - Lead H. - Zinc J. - Beryllium, columbium, germanium, hafniimi, indium, magnesium, molybdenum, rhenium, tantalum, titanium, tungsten, uranium, and zirconium K. - Other base metals Part 3. - Metal products A. - Metallic containers B. - Wire cordage; wire screen, netting and fencing; bale ties C. - Metal leaf and foil; metallics D. - Nails, screws, bolts, and other fasteners; locks; builders' hardware; furniture, luggage, and saddlery hardware E. - Tools, cutlery, forks and spoons F. - Miscellaneous metal products G. - Metal products not specially provided for Part 4. - Machinery and mechanical equipment A. - Boilers, non-electric motors and engines, and other generalpurpose machinery B. - Elevators, winches, cranes, and related machinery; earthmoving and mining machinery C. - Agricultural and horticultural machinery; machinery for preparing food and drink