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D. - Pulp and paper machinery; bookbinding machinery; printing machinery E. - Textile machines; laundry and dry-cleaning machines, seving machines F. - Machines for working metal, stone, and other materials G. - Office machines H. - Other machines J. - Parts of machines Part 5. - Electrical machinery and equipment Part 6. - Transportation equipment A. - Rail locomotives and rolling stock B. - Motor vehicles C. - Aircraft and spacecraft D. - Pleasure boats; floating structures SCHEDULE 7. - SPECIFIED PRODUCTS: MISCELLANEOUS AND NONENUMERATED PRODUCTS Part 1. - Footy/ear; headwear and hat braids; gloves; luggage, handbags, billfolds, and other flat goods A. - Footwear B. - Headwear and hat braids C. - Gloves D. - Luggage; women's and children's handbags; and billfolds, card cases, coin purses, and similar flat goods Part 2. - Optical goods; scientific and professional instruments; watches, clocks, and timing devices; photographic goods; motion pictures; recordings and recording media A. - Optical elements, spectacles, microscopes, and telescopes; optical goods not elsewhere provided for B. - Medical and surgical instruments and apparatus; X-ray apparatus C. - Surveying, navigational, meteorological, drawing, and mathematical calculating instruments; measuring and checking instruments not specially provided for D. - Measuring, testing, and controlling instruments E. - Watches, clocks, and timing apparatus F. - Photographic equipment and supplies G. -Motion pictures; tape recordings, phonograph records, and other recordings; recording media; scrap and waste photographic film Part 3. - Musical instruments, parts, and accessories A. - Musical instruments B. - Musical instrument parts and accessories Part 4. - Furniture; pillows, cushions, and mattresses; nontextile floor coverings A. - Furniture, pillows, cushions, and mattresses B. - Nontextile floor coverings